Fryer’s delight!

Well, I am indeed delighted to introduce you to a fryer but not just any old fryer, it’s a Cook’s Essentials Air Fryer that just happens to be one of the most versatile pieces of kitchen equipment to be offered as a Today’s Special Value so far this year!

Now if you have seen me, over the years in the kitchen, you’ll know how much I love our QVC kitchen hours and how much I devour all our gorgeous food offerings. But you’ll also know I’m not a huge fan of cooking and although I’ve had to step up and cook for the family over the years I’m a kind of a get-it-over-and-done-with kind of cook without much finesse.

However, I then discovered air frying which works with my ‘get it all done quickly’ theory but you get much healthier and much much more tastier results each and every time. Now if you are thinking of investing in an air fryer, why not go for one that gives you a wealth of cooking options? Our TSV is from Cook’s Essentials, a brand that is at the heart of our QVC kitchen. A true QVC brand born and bred, Cook’s Essentials are innovators that really listen to our everyday cooking needs and respond accordingly, inventing products that fit into today’s busy lifestyles and this 5-in-1 offer is something no modern-day kitchen should be without.

So yes we have an air fryer, but we also have a conventional oven, a fan oven, a grill, a dehydrate function and an amazing rotisserie! A whole chicken tastes incredible and just falls off the bone, it is so succulent!
It’s a neat looking machine and takes up roughly the same footprint as a microwave, but has a whopping 22 litre capacity making it perfect for family-sized cooking. It has a 60-minute timer and a temperature of up to 230 degrees so a fast cooking machine that really means business.

I always say with an air fryer you get the best chip results ever (even shop-bought straight from the freezer chips) and, if you only ever cooked chips it would still be worth it just for the taste, but with this machine you get to do so much more. All you need to do is choose your colour – Black, White or a funky Dark Blue. Also, don’t forget with QVC you get your 60-day money back guarantee, so plenty of time to put this versatile helping hand through its paces and make it a welcome addition to your home.

Talking of home, did you know we are featuring a fabulous home event this week with lots of our top homemakers taking part like Julien Macdonald, Alison Cork and Kelly Hoppen as well as huge brands like Dyson, Acer and BundleBerry. We love an event day a QVC, I always think it’s a great excuse to treat yourself, which you might want to do on Friday too as that’s Fashion Day with a stunning peplum jacket TSV offer from Kim & Co. Or if you are in the mood for some great outdoors why not join us on Sunday for a superb day of gardening hints, tips and advice and an incredible Fuschia TSV collection, you blooming well don’t want to miss!

Happy shopping,
Jilly xxxx