The Big Garden Event

As you may know, if you have read my previous blog, Storm Eunice did quite a bit of damage to my home. Well, it wasn’t just my home that got damaged, it was my garden too. I call it my garden, it is, in effect a balcony area but it is still my space for relaxing in and spending time in, weather permitting, so to me it’s my garden.

Plant pots got smashed, furniture got blown over and my trellis, which gives me some much-needed privacy got torn to shreds. It’s going to be a big clean up job but spring is the perfect time for a revamp anyway. Where do I start though? Well, the timing couldn’t be more perfect (I am desperately trying to look on the bright side of all this and positive spin on it, so please work with me here)!

Luckily for me, The Big Spring Garden Event is happening this weekend and I will be kicking things off on Saturday night with a brand new Today’s Special Value (more on that in a bit).

As part of this event, for the first time, ALL our gardening products are available in 4 interest-free instalments using the code SHOP4Z! You can use this code across all our gardening brands, throughout the entire day and on whichever shopping platform you choose to use – on the phone, on the app or online!

So, if it’s time to refresh your garden or outside space this season, whether that’s giving your back garden a makeover, or creating a sanctuary to enjoy on warmer days, we’ve got a wide range of new products to help you make the most of your space. Discover stylish outdoor furniture and décor, outdoor trellises and living walls, vibrant plants and flowers, plus of course handy garden tools to help you breathe life into your garden.

Enjoy an outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of with EVERYTHING in our garden selection available in 4 interest-free instalments! So if you are looking for ways to attract wildlife into the garden how about our Grumpy Gardeners Deluxe Fatballs or, if it’s a focal point you need, we have the Homes2Gardens Rainbow Leaf WindSpinner or the Luxform Set of 2 Kensington Solar-powered Lamp Posts. Richard Jackson will be with us too bringing us the supersize of his Rootbooster as well as his Flower Power which I swear by!

However, the most pressing issue I have with my garden is replacing my damaged trellis as I use it for privacy from the street below and the neighbours across the way. It’s also nice to look out at – well, it was nice to look at but not any more! Luckily though, we have a terrific trellis Today’s Special Value coming up and I couldn’t be more pleased!

It’s the vibrant Trellis in Bloom from Garden Reflections! Constructed from bamboo and covered in faux leaves, it’s also pinned in a lattice design, enabling it to fold and extend into the perfect size for your garden. Whether you’re decorating an al fresco dining area or bringing greenery to a shady corner, this luscious trellis is sure to elevate your space.

It can be used in a number of ways – vertically or horizontally – creating instant impact. The faux leaves are lifelike, made from realistic UV materials, while the strong bamboo backing offers a sturdy frame. Even better, your new trellis will add luxuriant colour and texture year-round, no matter the weather.

It’s also easy to install with its 16 cable ties and because it’s UV-resistant it’s low-maintenance too. The impressive size and leaf density also mean your trellis offers the ideal solution for privacy screening, not to mention creating shelter and a sense of cosiness in a seating area.

It’s available in five gorgeous colours, so it’ll be hard to pick just one. Go for Pink, Green, Ivory, Violet or Plum.

So, if like me your garden really needs some love, then join me on Saturday evening for the pre-launch of the Today’s Special Value and the launch of the Big Spring Garden Event where everything is on 4EZ Pays!!

I’ll see you there.

Miceal xx