How to style a maxi dress

Maxi dresses are a summer wardrobe staple, being quick to throw on with a few key accessories and cooling on a warm day. It’s easy to get stuck wearing them with the same pair of flip flops though, or wondering how to dress them up for that special occasion, which is why we’ve put together a go-to guide to help you style your maxi dresses in five different ways.

We’ve used the WynneLayers Patch Pocket Maxi Dress as an example, a versatile design available in Petite or Regular, but you can find plenty more dresses in our collection here.

Go casual with trainers

For a cool, casual look, you can’t go wrong with a maxi dress and a pair of trainers. This is a great outfit for every day, providing comfort underfoot as you go about your regular errands, tackle the school run or commute to work. Even better, it’s an outfit that’s quick to put together, as all you need to do once you’re in your maxi is slip on your favourite trainers as you head out the door – ideal for those busy mornings!

Make it all about summer

There are certain clothes, accessories and beauty products (hello SPF!) that really make it feel like summer, don’t you think? A maxi dress is one of those and it pairs perfectly with anything else summery. We’re talking sandals, sunglasses, shimmering gold eyeshadow, a fabulously big beach hat or that cross-body bag you always take sightseeing. Anything that gets you in a sunny mood.

Take it to new heights

Do heels go with maxi dresses? Of course! It’s a classic combination where nearly any type of heel will do, but we especially adore strappy styles and wedge heels with a summer maxi dress. Wedges are fantastic for giving you height while retaining a slightly more carefree feel and heeled strappy sandals provide elegance when you want something sophisticated (for, say, an evening out al fresco dining!).

Glam it up with jewellery

Want a quick and easy way to smarten up a maxi dress? Turn to jewellery. Gleaming pieces in shining metals always look good in the warmer months and will go with practically anything, but don’t shy away from bright colours as they can work just as well. We love the contrast of this contemporary cream necklace against the black and how the chunky, statement design immediately draws your eye.

Add an edge with a jacket
We might be talking all things summer but let’s face it, there are still going to be times when the sun goes in (especially if you’re in the UK!). But never fear, as maxi dresses look fab with jackets too! Biker and denim jackets are fantastic options that’ll add a stylish edge to your outfit. We’re also big fans of this chic chiffon jacket as a lightweight layer, perfect for providing a little extra coverage without being too warm.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration on how to style your maxi dresses this summer! Have fun getting playful with different looks. For more outfit ideas and a wide range of beautiful designs, explore our full collection of maxi dresses.