Love Your Style with… Grace Ricucci

As part of our Love Your Style campaign, we caught up with Grace Ricucci from Neom. A regular QVC Guest Presenter for the iconic wellbeing brand, she tells us all about her own personal relationship with fashion and how you can use clothing to help boost your mood.

Hi Grace! How has fashion played an important role in your life?

“Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, in particular my nan. Even as a small child I remember being fascinated by how she put together such beautiful outfits. Her hair and make-up was always perfect, and everything would match, from her gloves to her shoes and handbags. Even when only popping to the shops for groceries, she was always able to dress to empower herself and be the best version of herself. Also my granddad to this day, aged 90, still wears a shirt and tie every day!

My mum too – I have always felt that she has used her fashion as a form of art, a way of being creative and displaying your personality through the way in which you present yourself and my dad is always very smart in his appearance (and smells great too!). Because of this influence, I have always found fashion powerful and important for my mindset.”

Neom products are all about the ability to transform your mood, do you think clothing can do the same?

“Yes, fashion gives you the ability to display your personality and manage your wellbeing in a slightly different way. For example, when you’re not feeling so great, putting on an outfit that makes you feel strong can help change your mindset and tackle those difficult days. The same goes for if you’re relaxing at home, a stylish lounge outfit makes those moments of wellbeing even more luxurious.”

Working with Neom, I’m very aware of how scent can help meet different wellbeing needs, but I think fashion mirrors that in being able to boost your mood. It’s things as simple as putting on a great pair of shoes and a jacket that seem relatively small, but can actually make a huge difference to how you feel.”

It’s the start of the day, you’ve got a Scent to Make You Happy blend on, what do you wear to match the mood?

“I think a morning (and evening) routine is very important and so, on most days, I wake up, put the Neom Wellbeing Pod on with either a Happy or Energising scent, walk the dog and do a workout. So, I’d usually put on my activewear, but I like to wear athleisure styles such as soft, comfy leggings with a vest and a jumper that still look stylish and presentable for when I’m out.

It’s the end of the day, you’ve got a Scent to Sleep blend going, what clothes do you put on to help you unwind?

“Comfy, warm fabrics that feel soft against the skin and soft colours too. I also really like two pieces I can tuck in and wear high waisted, so they still look a bit stylish but are also oversized and relaxed at the same time to channel that feeling of grounding, relaxing and winding down.”

Do you have any items or outfits that instantly make you feel good when you put them on?

“I love a tea dress! Especially ones in bright colours because I feel like even if the sun is (or isn’t) shining, it’s nice to channel that feeling of happiness and sunshine with your own clothes. I’ve got a few brightly coloured tea dresses, some floral, some not and I find their fit and flare shape really flattering on me. They’re my go to and I actually wear them a lot when presenting for QVC… people probably think I don’t own anything else!”

How will you be adjusting your wardrobe as we head into autumn and winter?

“Layers! I love layers. I think because I’m quite small in height, layering for me suits me best and I really like wearing big chunky jackets and knitted cardigans. I always go for high-waisted trousers and as it gets to winter, I tend to go for a wide leg style with a nice pair of boots. I live in boots in winter! Often a nice chunky, hiker style with chunky socks too. Then I like to have a few different types of coats and of course, a scarf and a hat.”

Thanks Grace, we’re feeling ready to get cosy and glam! To find fashion that makes you feel good, head over to our Love Your Style edit, which is brimming with stylish designs including a host of new-season looks.