Reset your style with Julia Roberts

We recently caught up with QVC presenter Julia Roberts to discuss all things fashion, including how she’ll be changing up her style this year and refreshing her wardrobe as we head into the spring months!

Hi Julia, first up, how would you describe your usual style?

“Fairly relaxed, I don’t often do smart clothes. When I’m not at QVC I’m even more relaxed but sometimes I ‘scrub up’ to go on air! I wear a lot of separates because of my shape, as with dresses I often have to go up a size but then find it doesn’t fit nicely – depending on the brand and cut of course.”

Do you have any favourite QVC fashion brands?

“I’ve got about five pairs of MarlaWynne leggings and wear them a lot on air. They’re nice as a base as they give you the opportunity to try lots of different things on top. I always liked Together, which we no longer stock, so I’m at a bit of a cross-roads now trying bits and pieces from other brands. On Beauty Day, Stine our Stylist found me a Monsoon top that I absolutely love, so it’s little finds like that which are brilliant and I’ll continue to experiment.”

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Is there anything else you’re thinking of trying out or changing in your wardrobe this year?

“I often wear things that cover me up, but I lost a little bit of weight recently so I’ve started to feel a bit more confident and might start looking into things that are more fitted going forward. I’d like to experiment with clothes from brands like Finery, as I don’t have anything in my wardrobe from them, as well as Monsoon and White Stuff because they’re a little bit retro. As they say in fashion, what comes around goes around, and what I was wearing (probably back in the 1980s) is back in fashion… which is great because I liked it then and I still like it now!”

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Are there any other collections or new-season pieces you’ve got your eye on?

“I’m a big fan of Skechers and their apparel collection right now because I’ve been able to get back to the gym and I use my AeroPilates machine virtually every day. Their workout leggings are especially great – they’re a really good fit, comfortable and wash well. I absolutely love Skechers’ Archfit trainers as well for working out in. I also like Centigrade and tend to keep an eye out for a new coat from them every year. Their spring/summer jackets are fantastic too.”

How will you be adapting your wardrobe for spring?

“Lots of colour and natural fabrics, I really like cotton, viscose and jersey designs. Midi dresses are great in spring, but I have to be careful with those as I’m not very tall so sometimes they can be too long on me.”

Are there any prints you’d like to wear more of or try?

“If I do print, I tend to be drawn more towards florals, but I remember wearing a Dennis Basso shirt years ago that had a graphic print and it actually looked really nice on me. So I’d like to be more adventurous with graphic and abstract prints.”

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If someone was looking for a style confidence boost, is there anything you’d recommend?

“Ignore the size on the label and buy a size you’re comfortable in. I think sometimes we buy things because we tell ourselves ‘well, that’s the size I am’, but it can feel a bit tight and restrictive. If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes you won’t feel confident, so even if you have to buy a bigger size, buy the size that you feel good in. I think if you’re not worried about your clothes you automatically look more relaxed anyway so I’m always happy to go up a size or even two for the right fit.”

Lastly, what go-to accessories would you choose to refresh an outfit?

“I love shoes! But I can’t wear high heels because of ankle issues so if there was one thing I wish I could wear, I would have to say high heeled shoes. But apart from that, I think jewellery is a nice finishing touch for any outfit. I especially like earrings and how they frame your face. I’ve got pierced ears and probably don’t ever go out without earrings in!”

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