Reset your style with Ophelia Dennis

We recently caught up with QVC presenter Ophelia Dennis to see how she’s switching up her style this year and what wardrobe changes she’ll be making as we breeze into spring.

Hi Ophelia! Firstly, how would you describe your usual style?

Sophisticated and sassy! I love anything high waisted and waist belts – high-waisted joggers are my thing. I’ve got a Monsoon pair that I wore for a show the other day that I absolutely love. I like to wear them with a bodysuit and some heels. I’m also a big fan of a midi dress and a coordinated two-piece.

How are you changing up your wardrobe this year?

I wear lots of dark colours but I’ve been trying to be bolder with brights. This is an on-going journey  I’m on myself, because I used to feel very self-conscious about wearing colour and always thinking I didn’t suit it. Someone told me back in the day that my tone was too dark to wear bright colours and that stayed with me, but now I’m really trying to work with stylists and make-up artists to embrace more colour. I really only ever used to wear bright colours on my birthday, when my hair and nails are all done and I’m feeling confident… like I could pull it off. So, trying to bring more colour into my everyday look is the aim. Oh an more print as well!

Are there any particular prints you’d like to try?

I’ve always like leopard print and have enjoyed wearing one or two pieces over the years so definitely animal print. Tie dye clothing as well for those brighter colours.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to wear more colour?

Go for colours you like, don’t listen to everyone else. That was one tip our stylist Stine told me. Everyone else might be telling you what looks good but if you don’t like it, don’t bother! There will be a colour that you do like. What I did was to start small, so I’d wear an accessory or a nail polish in a bright colour first, it’s the best way to begin if you’re feeling worried.

How will you be adapting your style for spring?

I used to feel self-conscious in skinny jeans, thinking everyone else looked nice in them, but I do like how they look and feel so I’m going to try those again. Florals as well, going back to the print, because I see them on other people and think they look lovely but then I’m not sure I can pull it off. Again, someone once said I don’t suit florals and it’s weird how these things can stay with you for years, whether you do or don’t! But I like floral prints and have worn them since, and it’s about how I feel isn’t it opposed to what anyone else thinks? So I’d like to wear more.

What fabrics will you be turning to as it gets warmer?

Modal and cotton, especially in a flowy shirt as it feels so soft against your skin. I was wearing a cotton one from White Stuff recently, they have a lot of nice options.

Are there any other QVC brands you’ve got your eye on right now?

Dannii Minogue, especially as she’s got the Petite range and always has lots of nice prints. I recently ordered this pleated skirt in the lovely Orange Palm. JM Fashion by Julien Macdonald too, he does lots of bold stuff that I’d have shied away from before but would like to try. Also Kim & Co, because I looove a jumpsuit!! I typically wear the plain coloured ones but maybe I’ll branch out with some of the prints.

Are there any brands you’ve not tried much of yet but would like to?

There’s an artsy brand… Artscapes! I recently tried one of their tops and quite like the more African type prints they do. Both my parents are from Africa so I like that I can relate to it. I’d definitely like to try wearing more of their clothes as I hardly have anything from them.

Lastly, when it comes to fashion what is it that makes you feel good?

The fact that I’m embracing new colours and new clothes. It makes me feel like I’m growing in fashion and that I’m leaving insecurities behind, and makes me feel empowered trying new things, my way.

Thanks Ophelia!

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