All about Cyberjammies

Nothing beats a new pair of pyjamas, especially if they’re super cosy with fabulous style to boot!

Cyberjammies came onto the market as the result of an extensive search to find a pair of pyjamas that offered both unbeatable design and supreme comfort. After much looking and finding a gap in the market, the Cyberjammies team decided it was time to make their own nightwear that met all of their criteria. After a decade of continuously developing and evolving, the range today offers a truly luxurious wear with elegant style to match.

We love Cyberjammies for solving all of our nightwear needs as their pyjamas offer beautifully timeless designs, unbeatably soft fabrics and incredibly flattering styles. We tend to go up a size as well, for a super-slouchy fit. While the whole range is gorgeous, after much deliberation, we’ve managed to whittle it down to our five must-haves, which would not only be a great addition to your evening repertoire but would also make a special gift for a loved one.

The slouch pyjama set

Simple yet elegant, this colourful set is great for a relaxed evening indoors on the sofa in front of the television. The loose and flowing fit will make sure you don’t feel too restricted as you move around the house and the long sleeves will make sure you stay warm even on the chilliest of nights.

The floral print pyjama set

Florals are always on-trend, meaning this gorgeous set feels both luxuriously comfortable and fresh off of the catwalk. We love the glistening jewel tones, feminine floral print and traditional fit, plus the pink piping finishes the set off beautifully making it stand out from the rest of your collection.

The check pyjama set in red and grey 

Okay, we cheated a little bit here, but we couldn’t pick just one pair! You can’t have too many pairs of pyjamas, after all! Check pyjamas have such a seasonal and cosy feel to them, making them a real must-have in any nightwear drawer as the long winter nights start to roll in. With a classic tartan red or a blend of pink and grey on offer, there’s something to suit every taste.

The jersey pyjama set

Monochrome is a classic look that never ages, so why not bring that endless elegance into your pyjama drawer? This soft jersey pyjama set contrasts the black shirt and trousers against bright white piping and buttons to create a chic clean look that’ll keep you snug night after night.

The check robe

Even when clad in these super cosy pyjama sets, sometimes you just need that extra layer. We can’t wait to wrap up in this stylish check robe that’ll coordinate beautifully with the check pyjama set for a marvellous matching look. With a long length and inner ties, this robe is ideal for cuddling down in after a long day.

Like what you see? Us too! Be sure to check out the rest of the Cyberjammies range and get ready to fall asleep in style!