Ruth Langsford’s cosy winter style

We are well and truly in the depths of winter now! While we’re waiting for the sun to make a reappearance, we caught up with our Ambassador Ruth Langsford to find out how she sees out the winter.

Hey Ruth, are you struggling with these chilly mornings too?

As soon as it starts to get cold, the first thing I do is get the heating on. We have thermostat war in our house, as in a lot of households across Britain I imagine.

That sounds very familiar!

Because some men don’t seem to think we should have the heating on at all, or at least not until December, and until then we should just put a jumper on. This is what Eamonn does, he’s always hot and I’m always cold, so we now have a ‘silent’ thermostat war. We don’t even argue about it, we just do it – so I put the heating on, he turns it off, and so on!

We’re with you Ruth, we love to get snuggled up when it’s cold outside. What else do you do to bring some warmth into your home?

I start changing the scents of my candles. So if I have quite fresh smelling candles like grapefruit and linen in the summer, I start changing them for wintry scents like sandalwood and cinnamon towards the winter months.

Good shout Ruth. We love those rich, warming scents. A big favourite here at QVC this month has been the Homeworx by Harry Slatkin Maple Rum Strudel four-wick candles, as they offer a deeper take on a classic sweet scent. We’ve also loved burning the Joyful Gatherings candles from Woodwick, with beautifully layered scents and a gentle crackle, these candles just ooze cosiness.

Then obviously I start de-cluttering my wardrobe, packing away summer clothes – which is a job I loathe, but it has to be done. I do love getting the vacuum-packed bags out from the loft with my winter clothes though. I love my boots and coats, and discovering a long-forgotten jumper or trousers is almost like going shopping in your own wardrobe.

It’s great storing clothes in that way, isn’t it Ruth? It always feels like Christmas when you rediscover old favourites! We’ve switched out our summer clothes for the woolen wonders that we packed away in the Pack Mate Vacuum Bags.


So now we’ve got our warm clothes on, how else do you like to spend these chilly nights Ruth?

My ideal cosy night in would start with a nice bath, then I would put some nice smelling body lotion and face cream on, some slouchy trousers and a sweatshirt, and get the fire going. I love to put my feet up and watch something nice on the TV – probably a series I’m trying to catch up with. Oh and a nice scented candle, with the dog on my lap – Eamonn might be there too! But then he’d want to switch the fire off!

Sounds fabulous, we hope you have a lovely January Ruth! Be sure to discover Ruth’s chic fashion range for some gorgeous winter warmers.