The ultimate guide to body shapes

Our bodies come in a range of wonderful shapes and sizes. Defining your individual body shape is a quick way to help you develop your own personal style, allowing you know what clothes work best for your body, in turn making you feel more confident. Plus, instantly knowing exactly which of the season’s must-haves will suit you, also makes shopping sprees a breeze!

How to find your body shape

Not sure on your body shape? Try this simple trick. Stand in front of the mirror in a fitted outfit (exercise gear works a treat here!) and pay close attention. Are your shoulders narrower than your hips, the other way around, or equal? Do you naturally go in at the waistline, or do you have similar measurements all the way down? Once you’ve noticed the nuances in your figure, this guide will help you to find your body shape.


A rectangle body is easily identified by its straight appearance. Shoulders and hips are usually of a similar width, while the waist doesn’t tend to narrow. One way to flatter a rectangular body shape is by creating curves. As rectangles tend to be leaner, you don’t want to add volume. Defining the waistline can help break up long, straight lines. Wearing structured tops or adding a belt can help to pull you in, without overwhelming your narrow frame.

Top tips for rectangles:

  • Wear bright colours on your top and bottom halves, while keeping the waistline in a darker tone
  • Go for structured, fitted styles over loose and flowy
  • Round and high necklines will look great on you!


Hourglass figures tend be to on the curvier side, with full breasts and hips, and a narrower waistline. As hourglass figures don’t need create the look of curves, work on accentuating your best features. Wrap tops complement a larger chest while also highlighting your waist, and high-waisted jeans will flatter your hips before hitting at your narrowest point. Sticking to more form-fitting designs is a great way of embracing your shape.

Top tips for hourglasses:

  • V-necklines are great on your figure
  • Try structured clothing over relaxed for a curve-loving look
  • Simple sleeves and trousers without pockets let your natural figure shine through, without adding volume


Like the fruit, pear shapes have a smaller top half, with delicate shoulders, a narrower waist and hips that are wider than the bust. When dressing a pear-shaped body, the goal is to balance out the shoulders with the hips. This means you can go crazy with tops! Prints, bows and statement sleeves are a great way to add stylish volume to your top half, while clean, tailored trousers and A-line skirts will skim beautifully over the hips.

Top tips for pears:

  • Your figure can rock flares – unleash your inner 70s diva!
  • Tunic tops and dresses are great for creating the illusion of length
  • Longline blazers and jacket will help to balance your figure, while adding a chic layer to your look


Recognised by their fuller busts and narrower hips, apples are generally well-proportioned, but don’t tend to narrow at the waistline. To maximise an apple shape, loose, relaxed pieces on top are your best friend, with a V-neckline to flatter a larger chest. As for trousers, your slender pins will look great in tailored, slim-cut styles. Apples also have an array of great dresses at their disposal. Strapless, maxi and shift dresses will all look gorgeous on you!

Top tips for apples:

  • Statement jewellery will help to draw the eye for an elongating effect
  • Diagonal stripes and dark colours offer a fabulous instant slimming effect
  • Coats and jackets that hit below the hips are very flattering on an apple shape


No matter your shape or size, dress in a way that makes you feel confident, comfortable and fabulous!