Staying cool and reminiscing

Hiya, I struggle to type the month August… I can’t believe this month is well and truly upon us! I do hope you’re managing to stay safe and well.

I always find myself reflecting at this time of the year because it’s around this time I received my GCSE results – all those years ago! I didn’t do too well… let’s leave that there!  It was also around this time of year we moved house, when I was a teenager, so we held a garage sale and cleared through as much as possible to help make the move a little lighter.

Now, they say, you shouldn’t have regrets. Well, I don’t entirely go along with that because I have a fair few. One of which was selling a prized possession back then for just £8! It was my fabulous BMX Raleigh Burner with Skyway Three Wheels! I loved that bike but back then I thought it was time to let it go. Within days I knew I made a big mistake. However, since then, I’ve bought another BMX which I love and although I don’t get out on it that often, I’m not selling it anytime soon 🙂

The heat on some of the days earlier this month was unbearable. I often get told off by family and friends for moaning about the hot weather. It doesn’t sit too well with me. However, you’ll rarely hear me complain about the cold. If you’re in need of a fan, by the way, we have some great suggestions you can find on our website including Dyson and more. My Cairns struggle with the heat and we make sure they’re as comfortable as can be and walk them really early in the day before the heat strikes. They’re favourite place during a hot spell is to chill out on the cool kitchen floor or bathroom floor. I was tempted to join them last week!

So, during lockdown I know many of us have been decorating, DIYing, sorting and recycling. And, watching some of our favourite TV. I love The Repair Shop from the BBC, that showcases wonderful skill and tradition as they repair viewers possessions, from a clockwork toy to a treasured baby cabinet or a piece of damaged art. It can be really emotional – especially when the viewer is reunited with their cherished item.

Speaking of cherished. During another sort out, I came across an old teddy of mine. Simply ancient and in need of plenty of TLC. The little felt boots are falling apart and I think the discolouration is from spilt tea and coffee. His name is Barney and is out of reach of my two mischievous Cairns and is sitting proudly on our piano at the moment! I think we may need to nestle him among some of our Charlie Bears to keep him company. I’m not sure when I got him, or who from, I’ll need to ask Mum!

Right, time to head back, to the cupboard under the stairs. There’s a box which hasn’t been opened for years. Wish me luck!

Take care, stay safe and well, and I’ll see on you on air very soon.

Charlie x