Daisy Buchanan on the power of a bathDaisy Buchanan is a journalist, author of How to be a Grown up and The Sisterhood, and hosts the chart-topping podcast You’re Booked. Find her on Twitter @NotRollergirl. Here she laments her love for the power of baths and the unique mood-solvers they can be.



In the battle between baths and showers, my heart will always say ‘bath!’ It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you live, a bath is one of the most luxurious, life-enhancing treats you can give yourself. All you need is time, hot water and bubbles. You might be in a bad mood, a sad mood, or the sort of mood that makes you feel like climbing on the faucet and shouting “I’m the king of the world!” These are the different baths that will make everything feel better.

The ‘fighting with the boss’ bath

You might have briefly left the office for a quick cry in the toilets – the ones on a different floor, where you won’t see any of your colleagues. A particular email is going around and around in your head, like Baby Shark, only it’s making you feel as though you might be sick. You have been adulting all day long, and you need a big hug of a bath. Run the hot tap for ten seconds, stick the plug in and then add four big glugs of Philosophy Amazing Grace Bath Milk. The freesia, rose and jasmine are delicate, sweet and gentle – but powerful enough to make you remember what it was like when your Mum used to run your baths for you. Add as much cool water as you need to be comfortable, and then lie down and float away from the day. Use the matching gel moisturiser afterwards, for an extra treat.

The ‘I don’t have time for a bath’ bath

You didn’t get quite enough sleep, partly because you were woken up at 3AM by amorous foxes, and then you couldn’t stop thinking about Luther and finding someone under the bed. You can’t go back to bed, but you might fall asleep in the shower. You need to be set up for the day, so why not fill a bath with tea? Run your bath and add some Korres White Tea, Bergamot and Freesia Shower Gel, for a ‘lying down shower’. Make sure the water isn’t so hot that you won’t want to get out. Bergamot oil is found in Earl Grey, and the magic fragrance combination will make you feel relaxed and alert – and fresh floral scents will make you feel optimistic about the day ahead.

The Big Night Out bath

You’ve not been Out Out for some time, the zip of your favourite dress is a little stiffer than it used to be, and there’s a chance that you might bump into your ex in your local. You need a bath that gives you the sex appeal of Megan Barton Hanson and the confidence of the Queen. Fill your tub with a few drops of Miller Harris Tea Tonique Shower Gel. It’s uplifting, exotic and ever so slightly mysterious. A crisp gin and tonic is optional, a spritz or two of the matching perfume will boost your power base.

The insomniac’s bath

You can’t remember when you last had a full eight hours, but you’re pretty sure that it was before Zayn left One Direction. You can barely keep your eyes open during the day – then, at 10PM, your brain starts hosting a house party for mad thoughts, and there are more flashes and interruptions than you’d get at the 2009 VMAs. You’re going to be OK. Run a warm bath, light the Neom Tranquility Scented Candle, and get in. Slowly massage your face with Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil. Breathe in for four beats, count for another four, and then breathe out as slowly as you can. Let the lavender work its magic. Dry yourself with a warm towel, spritz your bedlinen with Pillow Mist, and don’t forget to blow the candle out. Coming out of the warm bath, and into the cooler bedroom, is guaranteed to make you feel sleepy.

The ‘I love me’ bath

This is a date night bath. A treat to you, from you, with love from you. It’s the beauty version of sending yourself a dozen red roses – so of course the scent of the rose will feature heavily. Make sure your bathroom is as beautiful as it can be. Get rid of any wet towels or old pairs of pants. Light a candle, run the taps and add a generous glug of Molton Brown Rosa Absolut Bath Oil – the heavy, sensual scent of rose is lifted by sweet blackcurrant and sharp geranium, so this shouldn’t make you too drowsy. Keep it on the cool side so you can make it a bespoke bath, adding your preferred amount of hot water when you get in. Recommended bathtime reading: The Pursuit Of Love by Nancy Mitford. Recommended beverage: Champagne, of course. If it just isn’t a bath without bubbles, the matching bath and shower gel is the product for you.

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