Ace your beauty sleep this Sleep Awareness Week

It’s Sleep Awareness Week, so we’re celebrating here at QVC by showing you some of the wonderful ways to make the most of your beauty sleep. Building a peaceful evening routine is an often-underrated part of a great night’s sleep, because over time, doing the same thing before bed can automatically remind your mind to unwind, which is why serene aromatics and relaxing beauty rituals can play a huge role in catching those Zzzs. From gorgeous candles to silky serums, we’ve got a wealth of bedtime heroes to help you unwind and take you straight to the Land of Nod.

Enhance your sleep space

We’re big believers in a peaceful environment when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, which is why relaxing aromatics and the right sleeping aids can make such a difference to your night-time routine.

Start by introducing a specially-formulated scent to your evening ritual using a candle or reed diffuser from apothecary-inspired brand Anatome. With a comforting blend of natural essential oils including English lavender, Somali frankincense and sandalwood, this duo will layer on the fragrance before bed so you can unwind after a long day. Incorporating the same scent into your bed-time routine each evening can help your mind learn to associate it with sleep, so you can drift off more easily and feel relaxed, ready for the night ahead.

Fragrance doesn’t have to be reserved just for candles and diffusers, though – you can bring the soothing scent to your bedding as well, courtesy of This Works’ Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. A cult classic, this relaxing formula can be spritzed onto your pillow or sheets. You’ll enjoy notes of lavender, wild chamomile and vetiver, long after you turn out the light.

Your comfort as you sleep is just as important as your bed-time routine, which is why this duo of Chillmax pillows is an essential if you’re prone to overheating. Created from cooling gel, these versatile patches can be used as inserts for your pillow, under your sheets and so much more, plus there’s no need to refill or cool them down (unless you want to keep them in the fridge for extra cooling!)

If you’re light-sensitive, an eye mask is an essential for your sleep, and this one from Bloom and Blossom comes with a luxurious Dry Body Oil and a calming Sleep Spray to complete your night-time routine.

Sleep in skincare

Never underestimate the power of an amazing night-time skincare ritual. Whether you’ve yet to build one or you’ve already got your basics sorted, these special formulations will supplement your evening skincare routine to help you drift off and make the most of your beauty sleep.

Changing up your cleanser for the evening may not have crossed your mind, but the power of relaxing scent can (and should!) be harnessed in the skincare formulas you use. Did you know that Liz Earle’s iconic Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser comes in a Relaxing Edition, specially created for your evening ritual? It boasts the same amazing formula but it’s infused with the gorgeous scent of pure Damask rose petal and lavender essential oils to help you create a tranquil wind-down routine as you’re cleansing your skin.

After you’ve cleansed, pampering your complexion is the perfect way to feel happy and cared-for after a long day. We love formulas that will go that little bit further to giving you skin you’ll want to wake up to, such as Estee Lauder’s iconic Advanced Night Repair Multi-Recovery Complex. If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s an oil-free, fast-absorbing serum designed to sink into your complexion and give it a smooth, radiant look by morning. It’s particularly brilliant for mature complexions, although almost anyone’s skin can reap the benefits from it.

Speaking of mature complexions, Prai’s Meno-Soothe Sleep Mask is ideal for those whose skin gets parched overnight. Packed with hyaluronic acid, it will work to deliver deep hydration as you sleep, making it ideal if you’re going through menopause or if you’re keen to give your skin’s moisture levels a boost.

Sleep is the perfect time to encourage your skin’s natural regeneration process, the sloughing away of dead skin cells to help you feel as radiant as the sunrise! Nassif MD’s Complexion Perfection Detox Pads are a beloved favourite in the industry, working to gently encourage cell turn-over without fussy application – we love that they’re little pads you can just take out and sweep over your face in seconds (no elongated night-time routine here!). These pads also come with an ultra-hydrating serum you can use both morning and evening to help hydrate and brighten the look of your skin, working in tandem with the pads to give you a gorgeous glow. It even dries into a soft matte finish – perfect for banishing that greasy feeling as you sleep.

Feeling inspired to enhance your beauty sleep? Discover the rest of our night-time beauty right here at QVC and celebrate Sleep Awareness Week with us!