Essential oil beauty to ignite your inner peace

Deep breaths… it’s time to relax. July 11th is International Essential Oils Day, and what better excuse is there to sit back, unwind and soak in a treat for the senses with our gorgeous essential oil-infused formulas. Whether you only have a few minutes in your morning shower or you’ve got some time in the evenings to really relax, we’ve selected our favourite ways to enjoy essential oils so you can gather a moment of peace in your busy day.

Your essential oils starter set
Synonymous with luxury essential oils, Neom is the brand many flock to for exceptional blends that will help uplift, inspire and revitalise your wellbeing. This duo is perfect for getting started with essential oils, or simply for stocking up on your favourites if you’re already a fan!

Whichever duo you opt for, they’ll enhance your “me time” experience in seconds, as each one boasts a blend of 100% pure essential oils with no synthetic fragrances. Simply pop a few drops in your bath or your diffuser, or why not incorporate them into your massage for the ultimate evening ritual?


A scent-sational selection

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to essential oils, dive into a library of scent with apothecary-inspired brand Anatome’s Discovery Collection. Boasting six different essential oil blends, each created to inspire your senses with a focus on Recovery & Sleep, Energy & Strength and much more. You can apply them to your pulse points throughout the day to give you a little boost during your daily routine, making them easy to slot into your busy schedule and the perfect start to your essential oil journey.

Elevate your everyday

Essentials aren’t just for an occasional treat! You can enjoy them every day with this duo of Australian Bodycare’s Skinwash, infused with tea tree oil and gorgeous fragrances to uplift your daily shower. From Lavender to Tropical scents, there’s something for everyone, and we’re pretty sure that once you’ve got them in your bathroom, the whole family will be reaching for them – and that’s no bad thing, considering you get two big 200ml sizes! Try them for a touch of essential oil magic in the morning, to help you unwind before your busy day.

Your brand new bedtime routine

Essential oils are the perfect way to enhance your night-time ritual, not only because they can help create a serene atmosphere but because over time, you mind can associate a scent with sleep, making it easier to drop off when you want to. Sound good? Look no further than this Sleep Essentials Collection from Neom, featuring Pillow Mist, Hand Balm and a one-wick candle to help enhance your sleep space, enrobing you in soothing scent from your bedding to your hands.


Indulge in a little luxury

Beloved British brand Molton Brown may not be the first you think of when it comes to essential oils, but its renowned Bath & Shower Gels are infused with fine essential oils to create complex fragrances that will entice your senses. This trio boasts a spectrum of fresh scents to help awaken you in the morning , from zesty Lemon & Mandarin to vibrant Bushukan, plus this versatile formula can be used to cleanse and scent your skin or under running water as a gorgeous foaming bath. It’s ideal for introducing the power of scent into your routine.

Your haircare heroes

You can take the benefits of essential oils to your haircare routine too! From wash to finish, Australian Bodycare’s Haircare Collection will revitalise the look and feel of your locks, revamping your whole regimen to leave you with hair you’ll hardly recognise as your own. Thanks to their essential oil-infused formulas, this shampoo, conditioner and scalp serum will help to care for your hair without stripping it of moisture – plus their scent is stunning!

Feeling inspired to harness the power of essential oils this International Essential Oils Day? Discover these fabulous formulas and much more here at QVC to enhance your daily ritual.