QVC Beauty Discovered: Skincare brands in the spotlight

It’s no secret that we love helping you discover brilliant beauty brands to revamp your routine with, which is why we’ve come up with QVC Beauty Discovered! Shining a spotlight on spectacular skincare names each week, we’re showcasing what makes each brand truly special, as well as bringing you our top picks from each range. So let’s dive in!


Founded in the heart of Los Angeles by licensed esthetician Dimitri James, SKINN is an exciting new addition to QVC’s repertoire, creating formulas that balance science and beauty with professional-grade ingredients. We love its no-nonsense approach to skincare, and how easy it is to take your regimen to the heights of the professionals thanks to how effortless they make application. From lash-loving mascara to innovative serums, its skincare spans a wide range of formulas, and these are just two of our favourites!

Non-Negotiables DermAppeal Microdermabrasion Treatment

First up is our Product of the Month, and it’s taken that title for good reason! SKINN’s expertly-created Microdermabrasion Treatment aims to emulate the remarkable results of a professional microdermabrasion treatment at home, gently working to resurface the look and feel of your complexion and leave it with a radiant finish. It’s easy to use, too: simply apply it to wet skin and gently massage it in circular motions for 1 – 2 minutes, then remove it with warm water. Simple!

Try it for yourself at a fantastic price this month and prepare to get your glow on.

Deep Wrinkle Protocol Facial Treatment Duo

Finding formulas that work for mature skin while also slotting into your existing routine can be a real challenge, but this dynamic duo makes it easy. There’s a serum for your complexion and one specially formulated for your delicate eye area, which both work intensively to help soften and smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles across your skin, all while simplifying your anti-ageing ritual so you’ll stick to it! We love how lightweight these formulas are too, meaning they won’t sit sticky on your skin and sink in for maximum benefits.


Nassif MD

You might have heard the name before, because Nassif MD is founded by world-renowned facial plastic and reconstruction surgeon Dr Paul Nassif, who has years of industry expertise to his name. Creating skincare that helps to reveal a youthful, radiant look, they’re even Leaping Bunny-accredited (a big tick in our books!). Here are just two of our favourite formulas.

60 Detox Pads

Loved by lots, these little pads are the perfect way to give your skin a revitalising boost, all in a couple of sweeps! Each pad is soaked in blend of glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids and works to deep cleanse, exfoliate, smooth and soften the look of your skin, promoting a gorgeous glow you’re sure to fall in love with. They’re so easy to use that you’ll be picking one up every day, and the difference they make is truly wow-worthy.

Soft Focus Hydrating Day Cream

When it comes to facing the day, you need a moisturiser that really does it all. This one is a multi-tasking marvel, working to deliver deep hydration to your complexion as well as helping to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It even helps to impart a luminous, radiant finish to the skin, making this a day-to-day moisturiser that’s not so everyday.


Elizabeth Grant

Now this brand comes with an incredible story we love! Created by Elizabeth Grant over 70 years ago (she celebrated her 100th birthday this year!), after her skin was damaged during the Second World War, the brand creates incredible skincare solutions harnessing a patented ingredient called Torricelumn, that’s used in every formula they develop. Elizabeth knows a thing or two about beauty, having been a make-up artist at Elstree Studios in London, and now the brand’s formulas aim to give you skin confidence as your complexion matures. Ready to dive in?

Supreme Essence Of Torricelumn

Arguably Elizabeth Grant’s most cherished formula, Supreme Essence of Torricelumn really showcases what the brand is all about. Created to help revitalise your skin from all angles, this special serum works to strengthen its feel as well as helping it to look younger, smoother and radiant. It’s a fantastic choice for targeting the look of fine lines and wrinkles, or if your goal is to go make-up free.

Supreme Cell Vitality Body Cream With Ceramide

It’s not all about the face, either! Elizabeth Grant does so much more than amazing skincare, as demonstrated by this indulgent body cream, which might just beat your other body moisturisers with its rich formula and ultra-hydrating properties. Enriched with a revitalising blend of algae, plant stem cells and of course, Torricelumn, it helps to veil your body in a barrier of moisture from top to toe, so it’s the ultimate pampering present to your parched skin!



SBC is a skincare staple here at QVC, so much so that we don’t know what we’d do without it! But it wasn’t always the powerhouse it is today – did you know it’s a family-run British business that’s been going since 1990? Renowned for its refreshing gel formulations, as well as bath solutions and skincare, the brand’s focus is on fine aromatic blends and natural extracts, aiming to deliver the very best to your skin. These are just two of its offerings we love most, but believe us, it was hard to choose!

Summer Skin Aloe Vera Body Gentle Hydration Duo

For a hit of daily refreshment, turn to this dynamic duo! Getting back to basics with a Body Wash and Body Milk, these formulas are anything but ordinary, infused with aloe vera and cucumber for a soothing experience. Designed to help lock in hydration and restore skin’s moisture while they work, these wonderful formulas are your go-to for that coveted fresh feeling without stripping your skin. Your daily shower routine just got the ultimate upgrade!

6-piece Propolis & Salicylic Acid Top to Toe Kit

Ideal if you’re new to SBC as a brand (or if you’ve fallen in love with it already!), this amazing six-piece collection is dedicated to two hero ingredients in the skincare world: propolis and salicylic acid. From top to toe, you can bathe your skin in their benefits from first wash to finishing touch, thanks to the double dose of Propolis & White Willow Body Wash and Propolis Moisturising Gel, as well as a footcare duo to keep your pedi looking perfect! It’s the ultimate SBC experience in just one collection.


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