Discover Anatome wellbeing fragrances

The power of scent is no secret, and when it comes to beautiful fragrances that really make an impact on daily life, we think Anatome has it in the bag.

Inspired by apothecaries of old, they boast a beautiful range of essential oil blends, candles and more to help support your wellbeing. Each formula is tailored to a specific wellbeing goal such as Sleep, Balance and Energy, so you can use them throughout the day to help inspire you to feel your very best.

To celebrate the brand’s launch here at QVC, we had a chat with their founder, Brendan Murdock, to discuss all things Anatome, from daily routines to catching those ZZZs.


Hi, Brendan! Thanks so much for talking to us. Anatome offers a whole range of specially-crafted fragrance blends for different moods and ambiences. In your opinion, which fragrances best suit which times of day?

We have a wonderful collection to share with Q customers! In the Discovery Set, you will find six 5ml essential oil blends, perfect for switching things up throughout the day (there’s also a Discovery Set with four favourites in it, too).

Balance + Stability is rich in patchouli, black spruce and geranium, and really suits movement practices such as yoga, or even just when you are feeling under pressure. Energy + Strength is an exquisite awakening oil scented with may chang, peppermint and neroli, which you can use through the day to help keep you moving, or in a movement class.

Personally, I love our Expression + Confidence oil, which has sea moss, cypress and camphor – I use it to help support my breathing and mindfulness.


Many people aren’t sure how to incorporate the power of essential oil blends into their daily routines. How would you recommend doing this for someone who has never used them before?

We are an apothecary, specialising in beautiful oil extracts. What’s special about the Anatome essential oil blends is the variety of oil extracts we incorporate into each formulation, so that they are beautifully fragrant and complex.

We believe in creating scents for your daily routines and regimes, so for example, with our sleep oils, you apply them directly onto the skin, to the sensory or pulse points – just a few drops and massage in. Do that every day for seven days to build a scent and sleep association, and it’ll help you enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep.

If you are unsure about which oil is the best for you, our Discovery Sets are an amazing introduction.


We know that Anatome offers much more than just beautiful oil blends. What else is there in store for Q customers with this new launch?

There are some really wonderful formulations. Our bath salts are exquisite – simply pour a handful into the bath alongside a few drops of your chosen oil to relax and unwind with a blend of magnesium, Himalayan pink salt and botanical extracts.

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Our new candles are also a real highlight: they are all blended with vegetable waxes and have no nasty paraffins, so you can really enjoy and engage with the scent as it fills the room. Lastly, we have room oil burners paired with room diffuser oils – another lovely, natural way of scenting your personal space.


Many people are gravitating towards beauty brands that put naturally-derived ingredients at the forefront of their formulas, especially for use in the evening. What’s Anatome’s stance on naturally-sourced fragrance?

We source the most spectacular botanicals and essential oil blends from around the world, and this includes lavender from the Himalayas, Cornwall and Provence. We work incredibly hard to find the finest ingredients. We also seek to work with small producers who are growing their plants in the most optimal environments.


Here at QVC, it’s no secret how important a good night’s sleep is. How can our customers incorporate Anatome into their night-time regime?

I suggest that you light our soothing, scented sleep candle 45 minutes before bed each night to bring about a sense of calm and help you unwind after a long day. Then, scent your linen with our stunning pillow spray, infused with Roman Chamomile to help support your sleep.

The most important step to remember is to apply your Anatome essential oil blends 20 minutes before bed or, if things are getting a bit late, even just five minutes before can really help! Apply a few drops across the sensory points, for example, the wrists and neck.

After one week of continual use, you should start to sleep more soundly each night, as the power of the scent is training your brain and body to recognise that it is time to sleep.


For those who are new to building a relaxing routine in the evening, do you have any easy ways to start promoting a better night’s sleep with the help of Anatome?

I think preparation is key. Going into winter, it’s worth keeping a cooler bedroom that is well-organised and calm. Treat your bedroom as a sanctuary, so if possible, keep it tidy with no clutter and perhaps a nice plant and bedside lamp. We suggest no television.

Once that is in place, then you can begin your ritual, which includes oils applied to the skin as I suggested above, lighting the candle and burning it for 20 minutes as you journal or read a book.

It’s also worth using our pillow spray on the sheets either in the evening or in the morning, so they are always lightly scented.


Finally, in all of Anatome’s range, do you have an essential product you simply couldn’t be without?

Sleep. For me, it’s all about quality sleep, as a good night’s rest anchors your wellbeing. I only go to bed with Anatome sleep oils.


If you’re ready to start building your fabulously fragranced wellbeing regime, check out the Anatome range right here at QVC.