Visit the Isle of Paradise

While we’re all aware of the perils of sunbeds, and we try our best to avoid those UV rays and layer on the SPF 30, it can be hard to fake that gorgeous, bronze glow a lot of us crave when the sun starts to make an appearance at this time of year. Enter Isle of Paradise, an innovative, vegan and cruelty-free brand founded by celebrity spray tanner and body confidence champion Jules Von Hep.

This is a brand with two big differences. The first? Colour correction. Rather than opting for a one-size-fits-all approach to tanning, Jules has devised a simple guide for your skin tone, based on colour theory. Opposite hues on the colour wheel cancel each other out, offering the perfect base tone to enhance and flatter your complexion. So, rather than masking your natural look with a universal browny-bronze shade, Isle of Paradise self-tan works for you to deliver your most natural glow, based on the range that most closely suits your skin tone.

For a Light tan, choose Peach

Peach colour-correcting actives help to create a bright, healthy look to your skin, and will flatter a paler skin tone while still leaving it looking sun-kissed and radiant. All Light self-tan formulas feature Jules’ OXY-glow Technology to keep skin looking glowy and healthy. The Light formulations are a great choice if you’re new to tanning, too.

For a Medium tan, choose Green

To create a flawless golden colour on medium and olive skin tones, Jules chose green colour-correcting actives to help reduce the look of redness and imperfections, and encourage an even, warm-toned tan. The green pigments in his SuperBalance Complex are the secret to a deeper colour that never looks orange.

For a Dark tan, choose Violet

Darker skin tones, or those who love a rich tan, will adore the Dark formulations. With HyperViolet Complex to help mask the look of orange, yellow and ash tones, you’ll achieve a flattering rich colour that still looks vibrant and healthy.

The second difference about this groundbreaking brand, is the range of tanning formulations available. You can choose MousseWater or Drops to create your gorgeous glow, while the Extra Dark Express Mousse is perfect for a show-stopping tan that makes a real impact, and Glow Clear Mousse is fantastic as it dries down quickly with a radiant finish, so you can be out of the door in minutes with a fresh sun-kissed look. For the effect of a golden tan (which you can easily wash off in the shower), Disco Tan Body Bronzer will soon become your special occasion BFF.

Self Tanning Drops

For a bespoke tan you can easily control, go for the Drops. You can mix into your favourite serum, moisturiser or balm then apply as you would normally. The more drops you apply, the darker the tan, however there’s no danger you’ll look orange as you’re choosing a shade that most closely matches your natural skin tone. It’s genius! Just make sure you wash your hands after applying.

Self Tanning Mousse

If you love a classic self-tan mousse formula, this Mousse is right up your street. The tinted, air-whipped cream creates an even, golden layer that develops within four to six hours, without a hint of orange – and no tell-tale tanning smell either. Make sure to exfoliate first, to ensure skin is smooth and prepped for your new bronze look.

Self Tanning Water

For minimal effort and maximum impact, give the Water formulation a try. Refreshing and so easy to use, all you need to do is make sure skin is properly prepped and exfoliated, then simply mist onto skin, leaving hands and feet last. Blend with a mitt and let it get to work, leaving you with fresh, healthy-looking colour in four to six hours.

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