Glycolic acid: the hero ingredient for dry skin

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If you feel like your skin always looks dull, dry and lacklustre, and no matter which scrub you use it still doesn’t make a difference, introducing gycolic acid into your skincare regime could be the step you need to deliver that smooth, even, airbrushed glow.

The aim of every skincare regime is to encourage healthy, glowing skin. It’s why acids, and we’re talking the gentle kind here, are such an important ingredient to incorporate. They efficiently remove dead skin cells and encourage skin cell renewal, helping you to reveal fresh, vibrant-looking skin.

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid, along with lactic acid, is one of a group of acids called alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which can be found in fruits and milk that buff away dullness without any need for elbow grease or scratchy, gritty exfoliators. These are the most commonly used acids and other AHAs include citric, mandelic, malic and tartaric. They perform a simple function very efficiently; they exfoliate the skin, stimulate collagen and can normalise the skin barrier. They are the most frequently used acids in treating dryness and the signs of ageing.

How should I be use glycolic acid?

The key to using any active ingredient is to start small. Look for a low concentration or pre-measured applications, or just begin by applying weekly. You may want an impressive result, but being heavy-handed in the short-term isn’t as effective as being measured in the long-term. Gycolic acid can cause irritation if your skin is not used to it, so ease your way in, let your skin get used to this extra step and build up from there.

How should my skin feel after using it?

Your skin feels a little bit dry, possibly even slightly sandpapery, but be patient – as it takes effect your skin will look more radiant and will feel smoother.

Wait, I’ve got dry skin and it’ll make my skin drier?

Glycolic acid can have a really positive benefit on skin concerns such as dryness, but before it encourages more collagen and elastin production in the skin, you may experience a dip and perhaps even more dryness, but this won’t last long.

Will I be able to see a difference?

If you use glycolic acid daily as an exfoliator, it can have a really positive effect on the condition of your skin by balancing the acid mantle and given a regular, gentle deep exfoliation. Sloughing the dead skin and increasing cell turnover will all lead you towards fresh, healthy-looking skin.