Testing Infuse My Colour haircare

Infuse my colour shampoo: why you'll want to try it

Imagine a no-fuss, no-commitment hair treatment that cleans your hair, and tones or dyes it at the the same time? Well now, thanks to hair brand Infuse My Colour, we may no longer have to imagine.

Lauded as a way to keep your hair colour fresh and vibrant between salon visits, Infuse My Colour has a range of shampoos (and a conditioner too) designed to revive your hair colour, or even completely change it temporarily. It comes in Ruby, Cobalt, Gold, Copper and Platinum, and – depending on your hair colour – can brighten blonde tones, take warmth out or put it in. The Ruby can even turn blonde hair a gorgeous pink for a week or so before washing out (leaving your hair exactly as it found it). It’s suitable for all hair types – the only prerequisite is your hair needs to be coloured already for it to work, as it uses a special bio-polymer which only deposits the colour onto already coloured hair.

Cruelty-free, vegan-certified and biodegradable, the products are also free from sulphates, silicone and parabens, making them kind to both the planet and your hair. Sounds pretty amazing right? We thought so too, so we rounded up some willing testers from the office to try out a few of our favourite shades.

Emma, Social Media Manager: Ruby Shampoo

At-home hair colour is tricky territory. I swear by my colourist Bernd @haircolourguru after far too many adolescent years of semi-permanent DIY disasters. So when I was asked to try a colour shampoo for this feature, I was a little scared, but intrigued. My current hair colour is a brunette, dark blonde balayage, I’m overdue a trim and spent a couple of weeks in the sun recently, so it’s a little on the dull/dry side.

Cue the instructions; lather in a generous amount of the colour shampoo (it looks like a beautiful candy floss pink foam at this point – but don’t worry it doesn’t stain the shower), rinse, repeat if you require more tone, and follow with the Treat Conditioner. That’s surely something I can do! I was right, it was no different to shampooing my hair normally and the product smelt sensational.

Upon rinsing it out, the product felt kind of thick and required a longer rinse than the usual shampoo – I’d say I was rinsing for 5(ish) minutes. Once I dried my hair it felt instantly thicker, glossier, softer and here’s the thing – my former dark blonde strands were a beautiful, soft rose brown and I felt as if I’d just had a treatment. This is a great product to perk up your look, plus you don’t have to spend a fortune in the salon and it’s literally a case of wash-n-go!

Tanya, Digital Designer: Cobalt Shampoo

I like to switch up my hair quite regularly, and was keen to knock some of the warmth out of my hair, so I thought this would be perfect for me. At first I wasn’t sure if it worked as I didn’t notice much colour difference between my before and after, although other people said they could see a difference.

I did three wash cycles with the treatment, and found it quite slippery (some of it slipped through my fingers during application) so that’s something to be aware of when using this shampoo. I did find that, even with the conditioner, the treatment dried my hair out quite a bit – so if you have non-Caucasian hair or hair that’s prone to moisture loss, I would be less likely to recommend it for those hair types.

Toni, Communications Officer: Copper Shampoo

The shampoo was easy to use and lathered up more than I expected with a really nice smell. It did initially stain my hands and bath tub orange making a bit of a mess, but it did wash off with a bit of scrubbing. I loved the conditioner, it was thick and creamy and did a fabulous job of hydrating my hair.

I would definitely recommend using conditioner after the shampoo as the texture of my hair did feel quite dry afterwards without it. Before I had even blow dried my hair, I could tell the colour had changed and noticed the red, copper tones. Once it was dry I was really pleased to see the blonde had changed to a really pretty rose gold colour. It was subtle and it enhanced the red tones rather than changed it drastically. It was even more noticeable in the natural light and people did comment on how pretty it looked!

The texture of my hair was a little dry – even after the conditioner – but my hair went back to normal by continuing to use the conditioner for a few days after. My hair went back to its original blonde after 2-3 washes. I would definitely recommend Infuse My Colour to anyone who fancied a temporary change to their hair. As someone who has changed their hair colour a lot over the years (I get bored with it easily), it was nice to have something that made a noticeable, pretty difference without it being a permanent commitment.

Kate, Producer: Platinum Shampoo

I found the shampoo really easy to use. I have used a purple shampoo once every week or fortnight ever since I have been blonde. I had a recent ‘bad’ balayage that didn’t lift my hair enough so was keen to try this product to knock down the warm tones. You use it like any shampoo, but just a more generous amount to ensure you coat the hair with product. I massaged in and rinsed as usual. I then used the Treat Conditioner.

When I dried the hair off, I wasn’t immediately impressed or disappointed. There didn’t seem to be a massive difference. However, this is probably down to the fact I have multiple tones in my hair. Once I dried it off completely and saw it in daylight I was quite impressed by the way it had cooled down the very bleached parts of my hair, and cooled down some of the mid blonde tones as well.

It doesn’t stain the shower, but it’s highly pigmented, so be sure to wash it all away. It feels like a very intense purple shampoo – somewhere between that and a toner. My hair felt a little dry after shampoo use, but being a bleach blonde, it generally is! After the conditioning treatment and when it was dried off, it felt normal.

I would definitely recommend this shampoo, but probably for people with all over white/platinum or very light highlights, as I think they would benefit most. I think it’s a great in-between-salon-visit product!