How to do an at-home pedicure with Margaret Dabbs

Can’t get to the salon? Not a problem! We’ve teamed up with the experts at Margaret Dabbs London to share their step-by-step guide to achieving a DIY pedicure at home.

Step one – filing your feet

When it comes to how to file your feet using a Foot File, there’s a definite technique. Start with dry skin: “Foot filing should always be done on dry skin – no exceptions. Wet skin masks the areas to be treated, weakens the tissues, and the file won’t adhere as well, meaning the skin isn’t removed effectively and results aren’t as long-lasting.

The Margaret Dabbs London Foot File is a great tool to have in your arsenal: “Not only does it remove all the hard skin and callouses easily, but it will also leave the skin even and smooth to the touch.  You can also use it to safely take off corns and hard skin from your toes – including the ridge of skin that builds up under the little toe!

Step two – looking after the nails

Next, we look after the nails: “If you want to give yourself salon-groomed nails, use the Crystal Nail File from the Healthy & Beautiful Nails Kit to file the nails straight across, so that they look professionally finished.” The quality of this nail file means you can file in either direction without worry of your nails breaking or splitting.

Once shaped, we love to give our nails a good buff. “If you aren’t so good at applying colour yourself, use the Shiner Buffer to buff and shine your toe nails. It’s incredible what a different this can make.

The final touch? A drop on each nail from the Pure Nail & Cuticle Serum Pen included in the kit for an intense burst of moisture to the cuticles.

Step three – soaking and exfoliating

Let’s indulge in a moment or two of relaxation! Fill a bowl (or a home foot spa) with warm water, and add a dash of Hydrating Foot Soak. Sit back and unwind. Giving your feet a good soak will not only help to relieve aching muscles and tired skin, but any remaining hard skin will start to soften, making the next step even easier.

Once your feet have soaked and the skin starts to feel softer, it’s time to work on removing any dead skin.

Use a very small amount of the Exfoliating Foot Scrub on your wet hands, rub it all over the foot, concentrating on the heels and ball of the foot, and then take it in-between the toes, to the top of the foot and all over the nails  before rinsing off with warm water.

Step four – adding some moisture 

Once you’ve filed and exfoliated, it’s time to soften the skin. Make sure your feet are nice and dry, then slather on some Hydrating Foot Lotion: “This is Margaret’s favourite product and is formulated to reduce hard skin build up and to keep the skin soft and smooth.” Go in for a nice foot rub and pay attention to areas like your heels and the knuckles of your toes.

Make sure that you use your foot lotion every day all over your feet and nails, as this will help to keep the hard skin at bay, plus hydrate your nails and cuticles.

There we have it – the key to great-looking feet at home! “With the right products and tools used in the right way, it is surprisingly easy to get professional pedicure results at home. Your feet will not only look better but they will feel it too!

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