Celebrating National Fragrance Week

We love fragrance so much, it’s no wonder we’re celebrating National Fragrance Week. The right fragrance can give you instant confidence. It’s like the finishing touch to your outfit and is such a personal thing. Some people have a signature scent they wear no matter the occasion. Some prefer to change their perfume depending on the mood, season or event.

In honour of this scentsational week, we’re taking a closer look at six classic categories of fragrance: fresh, citrus, woody, spicy, fruity and floral. We’ll be examining each scent’s characteristics and sharing some of our favourite fragrances that feature them.


When we think of fresh fragrances, the first word that jumps to mind is clean, like freshly done washing wafting in the breeze. Think invigorating citrus oils, crisp aquatic notes and green herbal extracts that create a refreshing, uplifting scent. Fresh scents mixes notes like brisk sea spray with basil, and tend to be light. As fresh scents aren’t as heady as other members of the fragrance family, this is our go-to choice for daytime.

Like fresh fragrances? Try Floral Street Electric Rhubarb, Shay & Blue Dandelion Fig or Shay & Blue Watermelons.


Get ready to jet set straight into a holiday state of mind – we’re talking sand between your toes, chilled cocktails and balmy evenings. Citrus fragrances are the zesty member of the scent family, conjuring up an instant feel of the Mediterranean. Fruity notes like mandarin, lemon and lime mix with citrusy florals like lemongrass and verbena for an elegant yet vibrant blend that’s perfect for everyday wear. We often reach for a citrus scent in the summer months, as the zingy notes are a lovely accompaniment to dining al fresco.

Like citrus fragrances? Try Liz Earle Botanical Essence No. 1, Philosophy Amazing Grace Bergamot or Shay & Blue Blood Oranges.


Straight from a walk in the forest, woody scents are enjoyed by men and women alike and boast notes such as patchouli, pine, vetiver and sandalwood. A woody fragrance is like the perfume equivalent of your favourite cardigan – warm, luxurious and comforting. These notes can also have a sensual feel when paired with florals or spices, making wood-based scents a popular choice for evening occasions. We always break out our woodier fragrances when autumn hits, as the inviting tones complement the changing leaves beautifully.

Like woody fragrances? Try Stories Parfum No. 2, Floral Street Chypre Sublime or Shay & Blue Oud Alif.


Bold and enticing, there’s nothing quite like a spicy fragrance. From cinnamon and clove to saffron and pepper, spicy fragrances are similar to woody scents in that they cross gender lines. Both exotic and warming, spicy notes when mixed with classic floral essences like gardenia and jasmine can transform a fragrance from sweet and light to deep and heady in an instant. If you’re after a new date night perfume, something a little spicier is always a good choice.

Like spicy fragrances? Try Liz Earle Botanical Essence No. 15, Floral Street Black Lotus or Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerlily.


They might not count as one of your five a day, but fruity fragrances are always a huge hit with us. Whether you love the aroma of a sweet peach or the slight acidity of a freshly-picked cherry, there’s a fruity scent to suit every palette. Plus, fruity notes are a great complement to other members of the scent family, including floral, fresh and citrus. Sweet and playful, fruity fragrances are really transitional, taking you from warm days in the park to evenings on the town with ease.

Like fruity fragrances? Try Shay & Blue Lilacs and Goosberries, Prai Scent of a Woman Lust or Judith Williams Joyful Dream.


Perhaps the most diverse member of the scent family, florals cover everything from powdery rose and sweet peony to deep iris and heady ylang ylang. With light options for everyday and spring/summer, plus richer blends for nights out or autumn/winter, floral fragrances are as diverse as the blooms themselves. Never figured yourself as a floral fan? You’re in for a treat!

Like floral fragrances? Try Stories Parfum No. 1, Shay & Blue Tallulah’s Camelia or Floral Street Arizona Bloom. 

Whether you’ve found your signature scent or like to play with fragrance, we’ve got plenty in our selection to choose from. Head over to our fragrance department and see what takes your fancy.