Feeling fabulous from the inside out

This month we’re focusing on the formulas that make us feel great! We consulted our guests, presenters and you, our lovely customers, to discover your summer beauty must-haves, from skincare favourites to essential SPF.

Sophie, customer

“Once we hit spring and the days get longer, I’m back to my Ultrasun. I always make sure that there’s SPF on my face. It’s really crucial, I find.

Sophia, model

I like to massage my skin to prevent ageing. I tend to turn to gua’sha or face massages. There’s a lovely tool from Gatineau that I use to massage my face with every evening.”

Nicola, model

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a few lines and wrinkles! That’s life, and it’s going to happen. It’s everything that’s mapped out in my face that’s a history of me. I think we should all embrace them and make them look as moisturised and as healthy as possible. I think if I’m hydrated, I like to make sure my skin is moisturised. I use a lot of oils and as many natural things on my skin as I can. I think as long as your skin’s hydrated and moisturised, you can look good at any age.

Jackie, presenter

I don’t really tend to go for manicures or facials. I like to do those things at home in front of the television or in front of the fire. I get all of the gorgeous QVC products out and have a little pamper at home!

Clare, guest

In terms of my beauty regime, I like to think it’s something that’s very much incorporated with the wellbeing and wellness aspect. I do dry body brushing. So I take a dry body brush, just before I shower, and I brush in circular motions all the way up from my feet up towards my heart. It just gets the circulation going and then you get in the shower and you feel totally invigorated.

Shanti, customer

“If a product is effective and you can see the difference, you feel better. Like with my hair for instance, when I wash my hair, putting things in it like Elasticizer helps it to go well, and feel better.”

Sophia, model

I use SPF from Ultrasun all year long. That’s a must, because the sun shines no matter what the season is and the rays are not very helpful when it comes to preventing ageing. If anything, that’s one of the worst things you can do – not use SPF all year round.”

How do you fit beauty into your wellbeing routine? Take a look at our Health & Wellbeing department for more inspiration.