Have you met Tili?

A lover of all things beauty? Us too. Let us introduce you to one of our best friends in the industry – Tili. Tili is here to solve all your beauty woes, from storage and tools to gadgets and workout gear, helping you to love the skin you’re in. Standing for “Try it, love it” (and we’re sure you’ll find something you adore), this brand splits down into three ranges, Tili, Tili Pro and Tili Body & Soul. Let’s meet the gang.


A go-to destination for your high-quality beauty essentials, the Tili range takes things back to basics. We’re talking everything from pro-worthy make-up brushes to essential storage for your haul. Every item in the range is effortlessly stylish, so whipping out your make-up bag on the train for a mid-commute touch-up will be like adding an extra accessory to your look. Even better? Keep your eye out for the latest Tili edits, bringing together unmissable formulas across skincare, cosmetics, haircare and more.

Our top Tili picks: Rechargeable Variable Speed Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush and LED Adjustable 10 x Magnification Mirror.

Tili Pro

Serious about your beauty tech? You’ll be after Tili Pro then. Beauty tools have become a big player in our routines in the last couple of years, but they’re not always the most gorgeous pieces of kit to look at. With gadgets and gizmos aplenty, Tili Pro is filled with game-changing tools that still look great on your dressing table. Win, win! Fill your stash with Tili Pro, and it’s like having your own top-notch salon in your bathroom.

Our top Tili Pro picks: Anti-Ageing Firming Face Tool and Anti-Ageing Lip & Eye Wand with LED Light

Tili Body & Soul

Fitness and wellbeing is more important in our beauty routine than ever, because when you feel great from the inside, it radiates off of you from the outside. Tili Body & Soul is the perfect solution for making fitness that little bit more fabulous. Here, you’ll find ankle weights, yoga blocks and more, all in the classic Tili colour palette. The accessories aren’t just pretty to look at, though – they’ve been expert-developed to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re a gym bunny or an at-home yogi, there’s something here to take your workout up a level.

Our top Tili Body & Soul picks:  Ceramic Diffuser with Lights and Acupressure Mat

Like what you see? We’re not surprised! Don’t forget to head over to our beauty department to discover even more.