How do you revive your love for fitness?

As we look forward to the warmer days of spring, getting outside and reigniting a passion for fitness is at the top of our list. Looking for a little inspiration? We spoke to guests, models, presenters, and you, our lovely customers, about how everyone likes to enjoy the outdoors, so we can all be inspired to make some little life improvements in 2022.

How do you like to exercise?

Patricia, customer

“I’ve done yoga since the 70s and I like the meditation and relaxation side, it’s just a calming and easy way to exercise. You have to focus on what you’re doing and clear your mind, so you have to go in and focus on yourself. If it’s an hour or an hour and a half, that time is for you and for no one else. That is your time, so enjoy it. You have to think about what your body is doing and how your body is working to be able to do that.

Ailsa, customer

“I used to walk a lot more, but because I’ve got arthritis in my knee that’s flared up in the last year, I can’t do the amount of exercise I used to be able to do. I do have a walker in my living room, which I got from QVC. I walk at a pace that isn’t going to hurtand I can do 20/30 minutes of walking. It might not always be outside, but I’m trying to keep my steps up. I will probably put my goal of steps up across the months and start trying to exceed a higher total that I’ve set myself.”

Jo, model

As I’ve got older, I’ve realised I need to work on my strength more. I’m hypermobile so my joints, along with doing a lot of yoga over the years, have sort of stretched out, so I’ve had to build muscle with things like body pump and weight training. It really helps with bone density too, which is important as we age!

Andii, model

Anyone can do zumba, it’s taking part that’s most important, you don’t always have to get the steps in the right place, it’s just about having fun. So even if the teacher’s over there, and someone is over there, it just really doesn’t matter!

Do you like to incorporate the great outdoors into your wellbeing routine?

Shanti, customer

Yes! I go out in my Skechers on walks, they’re so comfortable. Going outside definitely helps me to feel better. When I am doing my cardio, I listen to things on my iPad or watch exercise videos or QVC, when I do Pilates, I listen to music – I like very upbeat songs!”

Julie, customer

“I sometimes get a bit of respite from the children, so on the days where I don’t have them in the mornings, I get up early and do a five mile walk. I’m lucky, I’ve got a huge park near I live and they’ve got a circuit. I walk about five times around the circuit and that’s five miles. It really is invigorating; I really enjoy that. So, I try and fit in as many of those as I can.”

Anne, customer

“Even on the worst possible day, just get outside. Go for a walk, breathe in the air, look at the birds, whatever it is, outside is better than inside. A screen and all of the apps in the world cannot take the place of just being outside. I do it every single day!”

Joanna, customer

I don’t do strenuous exercise. I walk. I go for a one hour walk. It’s a power walk, I get a bit sweaty, which tells me I’ve done a workout. I don’t belong to a gym, I don’t really have time, but if I have a good audiobook or something to listen to, I can go for a walk and I’ve done two things at the same time.”

What’s your favourite thing to listen to when you’re exercising?

Eneke, customer

“Since the lockdown and libraries were shut, I don’t listen to music, I just listen to an audiobook. So, I’ve always got an audiobook on the go now. There’s some really nice books, some that’ll motivate you as well. I usually walk about an hour, or about 8000 steps – I’m a bit step-orientated. The Fitbit comes from QVC!”

Jane, customer

“I tend to listen to everything going on around. Because we live in a small market town, we don’t have to go very far to get into areas where you can’t hear traffic, so it’s nice to walk along and listen to the sounds of nature. You can always hear birds, they are so noisy, or simple things like the wind in the leaves of the trees. I’d rather listen to that than play music or listen to a podcast. I could do that at home sitting on the sofa, but I can’t listen to the birds.”

Alison, customer

A lot of the time I just like to have the peace and quiet, listening to the leaves rustling. But there’s sometimes where maybe I just need to completely switch off, and I’ll listen to podcasts. Sometimes I listen to music, but I prefer to listen to speech more than music when I’m out walking.

Ophelia, presenter

I absolutely love to put in my headphones, put on my music and dance and sing, often to Beyonce! I feel like it just releases anything that’s happened during the day. I feel that sense of expression and I feel very positive.

How will you revive your love of fitness this February? Take a look at our Health & Wellbeing department for more inspiration.