The presenters’ favourite wellbeing presents

As we get into the run up to Christmas, we’ve all been thinking about the great gifts we can share with our loved ones that’ll help them feel cared for. With such a great array of wellbeing presents on offer, we’ve turned to some familiar faces to see what they’ll be gifting this year.

Alison Keenan:

I would gift Neom’s Ultimate Relaxation Candle and Pillow Mist Collection in the Perfect Sleep option to my Godmother, Edna. She’s 83, and has really struggled with her health following two knee replacements and arthritis in her spine. Because she also has heart issues, any form of sleep-inducing medication isn’t allowed. A decent night’s sleep has eluded her, but I’m certain that the expert blend of essential oils infused in the fragranced candle and the pillow mist will make it possible for her to relax and sleep more easily.

Anne Dawson:

As we slip into the winter months, which are often the very busy months, it’s important to have that “me time”. Some of us are indeed busier than others, and two lovely girls that I know would so appreciate my gift of choice are my daughter-in-laws. (Both have just had babies in the last few months!). Obviously being able to grab a quick nap and moment of relaxation when you can is vital, considering the absolute mayhem a new addition to the family can create. Enter the Smug Sleep Animal Print Heatwrap Set!

A total winner on all counts… from shutting out the world with the sleep mask for those precious moments when baby is napping to easing away any stress (and there’s usually plenty of that!) with the luxurious heatwrap. I truly reckon this gorgeous looking set is going to be welcomed with open arms! As an utter fan of the brand when I was initially introduced to their face masks, I could well be treating myself to this little gift too! Well, we all deserve a bit of TLC, don’t we?

Annaliese Dayes:

The art of gifting is a special skill that shouldn’t be taken lightly and it’s made even more special when you gift something that you know is going to elevate a loved ones wellbeing. An amazing childhood friend of mine recently gave birth to her third child and I would like to gift her the Made by Zen Luminarie Aroma Diffuser with Essential Oils, to encourage her to take some time for herself and grab those moments of calm and zen when she can.

The design and the warm soft lighting is just so inviting and soothing; it reminds me of the gentle flicker of a candle without the danger of a naked flame. And I haven’t even mentioned the smokeless, heatless mist release that fills the room with glorious aromatherapy scents that can calm down even the most stressed mums. I know my super mum friend Giovanna would really appreciate this wellbeing gift and the ambience it will create in her home.

Jilly Halliday:

When it comes to winter wellbeing I’m a huge advocate of a little of what you fancy does you good. So, although I love my beautiful fragranced candles, bubble baths and face packs, when it comes to banishing those winter blues, I want all of the above but I also want chocolate! That’s why my bestie this year will be getting the ultimate chocolate treat, the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Hamper.

It’s a chocolate lovers dream and is on a feature price at the moment of only £24.99. It contains the gorgeous milk puddles, rocky road, salted caramel snowflakes and so much more, perfect for a little winter indulgence, and who feels better with chocolate?

Debbie Flint:

It’s got to be Neom. My new crush, it’s got the most amazing packaging and magnificent smells. I am absolutely loving the Magnesium Body Butter. I use it at night time and really notice the difference when I don’t use it. The candles are amazing – I’m currently burning a three-wick one in my lounge and it fills the room with gorgeous aroma.

The bath foams and little matching fragrance candles make the whole place smell like a spa. And as for the hand washes – well, the Perfect Day fragrance is utterly heavenly. Just one sniff and my shoulders go down, and my whole body relaxes. I even take it away with me in my suitcase as a hand wash when I stay in a hotel! The whole range is highly recommended – thank you for the continued deals on QVC, a great way to buy gifts to make people feel good!

Ophelia Dennis:

A wellbeing gift that I like to send to my older sister is the Made by Zen Olly Aroma Diffuser as she has a very busy life, she runs multiple breakfast and after school clubs. During the weekend the work continues with paperwork and running a home. She is always on the go physically and mentally with little time to herself. For the little time that she has, I’d like her to really relax and I think the Olly Aroma Diffuser would help her achieve this.

It fills the room with a calming aromatherapy, relaxing, soothing fragrance with a mood changing light. It also features Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to stream your favourite sounds to help amplify the experience. This would be a perfect gift to assist her wellbeing. It’s a nice, modern design that creates a heatless and smoke-free mist that would allow her to safely wind down and relax.

Eilidh Nairn:

This year has been such a busy year for our family, as it has indeed for many of us. Someone in my life who really deserves something special and is already standing by ready to help us with our newest little arrival is Elliot’s mum, June. I’ve picked out this set from Liz Earle, as it’s a real treat with the iconic Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, luxurious body wash with matching body cream and it even includes the matching fragrance, all in Bourbon Vanilla & Clove.

Getting out to a spa isn’t always an option but bringing that experience to home as and when you want is a real treat. We often forget to give ourselves a bit of pampering and self-care so I hope, I can do this for her this Christmas.

We hope this has given you plenty of inspiration for your Christmas list! Check out our Feeling Good Together campaign too, where we’re regularly updating the page with fitness inspiration, wellbeing top tips and expert interviews to help support and inspire you throughout 2021.