The beauty tools you need in your routine

Beauty tools have really taken off in the last few years, helping you to give your daily routines a high-tech update. Not got your hands on one yet? From promoting a glowing complexion to making cleaning up easier, we’ve picked out the top beauty tools that’ll transform the way you think about beauty!

For your complexion

Our biggest category of beauty tools is skincare, with many brands bringing out devices to help you work towards a radiant, youthful-looking complexion. Tili Pro has been a big favourite with us, bringing a range of targeted tools packed full of the latest technology. The Anti-Ageing Lip & Eye Wand with LED Light uses LED light therapy, hot and cold therapy, pulses and vibrations to help create the look of firmer-looking skin around your eyes and lips. Plus, it’s perfectly portable making it a great one for your make-up bag.

This isn’t the only tiny tool in the range we love though. The Anti-Ageing Firming Face Tool

uses microcurrent and electrical muscle stimulation and ionic pulsing phototherapy to encourage a firmer looking complexion, so you can really amp up your at-home facials.

In need of a good scrub? Sensica has you covered. Multi-tasking to help clean and exfoliate your face and body, the Sensismooth 3 in 1 Spa Device works to follow your body’s unique shape and curves while gently buffing away dead skin cells and debris. The result? Smooth, supple skin you’ll love showing off. Sensica is also on hand if you’re after an anti-ageing treatment too.

The Sensilift Mini comes with its own travel bag so you can top up on the go and works to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles through InTrense Radio Frequency Technology. It’s a handy one for your suitcase before taking those holiday pics!

Our last must-have is the Iris from Foreo. Helping to leave your delicate under eye area looking brighter and smoother, this pocket-sized device gently massages your complexion with T-sonic technology. It can even be used alongside your favourite eye cream to maximise the feeling of indulgence!

For de-fuzzing

If getting rid of unwanted brow hairs and peach fuzz are on the agenda, we’ve got the gadget for you. Simply Beauty’s 2 in 1 Super Smooth Face & Brows Hair Remover

has two interchangeable tips for larger areas or precision work, depending on what the day calls for, plus it’s fitted with bright LED lights, so even the peskiest hair can be found and removed. We love that it’s rechargeable too, perfect for weekends away.

For keeping things clean

It’s not just tweezing and tweaking these gadgets are good for, we love them for transforming our hygiene routines too. For example, we can think of no job that we enjoy less than washing make-up brushes. Luckily, StylPro’s Cosmetic Brush Cleaner Set really makes it a quick, easy process that’s almost, dare we say, fun! It spins brushes clean and dry in 30 seconds, cutting down the time it takes to get through your whole haul. We also love it for making sure our eyeshadow looks are crisp and sharp when frequently changing colours, as you can clean your brush in between each shade.

Is there such thing as a perfect electric tooth brush? Yes, there is, and Foreo has nailed it. Combining Sonic Pulse Technology with a durable hygienic brush head and boasting 16 adjustable cleaning modes, the Issa 2 leaves your teeth feeling deeply clean by helping to remove plaque, stains and prevent tartar build-up. Plus, its rechargeable battery lasts up to 365 days, so that’s a lot less faff too!

In today’s world, keeping germs at bay and our hands squeaky clean is high on our list, and Simple Human has made it easier (and oddly satisfying!). This Compact Sensor Soap Pump quickly dispenses liquid soap, without having to be touched, making it perfectly mess-free. Ideal for in the kitchen when cooking or in the family bathroom, this easily filled dispenser means that everything just stays that little bit more hygienic.

For around the home

If there’s one thing we couldn’t be without – it’s a decent mirror. From plucking your eyebrows to perfecting your eyeliner, a good mirror can help provide the ideal zoom, light and angle for any job. We’d always go for the Simple Human Sensor Mirror with Touch-Control Brightness. It has 10x magnification so you can really get up close and two lighting options to replicate natural light, ideal for make-up application. Did we mention it’s rechargeable too? Yep – that’s up to five weeks of use on one charge. Amazing!

Don’t forget, we’ve got plenty more gadgets and gizmos on the shelves of our beauty department, so there’s plenty to discover.