The lowdown on Korres

Fit for a Grecian goddess, Korres has boomed into the industry over the last few years. With a range of soothing skincare and unbeatable bodycare formulas, it’s certainly become a favourite here at QVC. We’ve taken a look at what makes Korres so special.

The story

Inspired by a childhood of intrigued by ingredients in his mother’s pharmacy, Giorgos Korres went on to work at the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. With an interest in beauty, Giorgos began to create skincare formulas that appeared on pharmacy shelves across Greece. Fast-forward ten years and Korres has established itself as a globally renowned beauty brand.

The history

One of the things that makes Korres truly unique is its heritage. With ingredients like pure olive oil, Olympus tea and Greek yoghurt, each formula is packed with natural extracts sourced from Greece and inspiration from Greek Yia Yias’ (grandmothers) traditionally beautiful remedies. Mixing modern innovation with classic home-spun beauty rituals results in high-power formulas that instantly transport you to the sunny Mediterranean.

Korres today

After teaming up with co-founder Lena Philippou, Giorgos has developed Korres into a multi-formula range that has garnered many fans. From targeted anti-ageing skincare to refreshing and moisturising bath and body products, there’s something for every beauty fan.

New to the brand? We’ve picked out our five must-haves to get you started.

The five-piece Renewing Body Cleanser collection

Just because shower gel is a necessity, doesn’t mean it has to be dull. This is where Korres’ Renewing Body Cleanser comes in. Not only does it work to deeply cleanse your skin without stripping it of natural oils for a velvety-soft finish, the fragrances are to-die-for too. This collection features Mediterranean Vanilla Blossom, Grecian Gardenia, Jasmine, Sea Lavender and White Blossom.

The four-piece Grecian Spring Floral Body Butter collection

This one is for the floral fans. Korres’ Elasti-Smooth Body Butter works to leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated and moisturised, and in this collection you’re spoilt for choice with the scents Jasmine, Gardenia, Violet and Cashmere Rose. A decadent addition to any daily routine, this collection would also make a great gift for a special someone who craves a bit of TLC.

The two-piece Miracle Milk collection

Korres knows a thing or two about must-have ingredients, so when this collection packed with vitamin-rich donkey milk hit the shelves, we were all over it! This miraculous duo features a cleanser and a serum, both targeted at more mature skin types. Just add your favourite moisturiser into the mix, and you have a high-powered skincare routine, ready to go.

The three-piece Pure Greek Olive & Blossom Body Care collection

We really love the Korres Pure Greek Olive Oil range. The formulas are rich in Grecian organic olive oil from the island of Crete, and really pack a punch when it comes to hydration. The Pure Greek Olive Oil Shower Gel, Body Balsam and Hand Cream in this collection are finished with the delicate Olive Blossom fragrance, with notes of clementine, bergamot and tonka bean to name a few, so that’s intense moisture and a beautiful scent in one. Win, win!

The three-piece Pure Greek Olive Oil Anti-Wrinkle Body Cream collection

We couldn’t resist adding another Pure Greek Olive Oil edit to the list. This trio of anti-ageing body creams boasts the delightful fragrances Blossom, Peach Blossom and Sea Salt, and works to leave your skin with a hydrated and youthful-looking glow. It’s really no wonder the Greek goddesses looked so good with these amazing formulas and ingredients hanging about.

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