The women-owned beauty brands you need to know

This month at QVC, we’re making it all about the girls. From celebrating the females you hold near and dear to shouting about our amazing women-owned beauty brands, we’re here for a little bit of girl power. Not only that, we’re also working with CEW this month, who recognises exceptional talent, achievement and innovation within the beauty industry. So, are you ready to learn more about the female-founded brands that are on our shelves? Because we certainly are!


Founded by Mally Roncal, this cosmetics range is one that has been a long-term favourite here at QVC. Mally originally worked towards a career in dermatology (no wonder she’s the queen of the glowy complexion), before switching into the world of celebrity make-up artistry. Flash forward, and Mally’s expertise radiates into her effective and pro-level formulas, plus, you can feel her infectious energy in every product!


If there’s a brand with a hearty team of women behind it, it’s Elemis. Founded in 1989 by entrepreneur Linda Steiner, she was then joined by Noella Gabriel and Oriele Frank to help create her vision of skincare that stayed as close to nature as possible. Today, there’s plenty of women on the team, including familiar face Keeley Aydin, which help to maintain Elemis’ status as prestigious skincare at its best.


When it comes to soothing formulas, it’s always got to be Neom in our books. But how did our favourite fragrant blends come to be? “After spending seven years working 60 hour weeks as a journalist, I felt the stressful pace and noticed my rising stress levels, lack of sleep, energy and low mood too. I loved my job… BUT, boy did I feel it! So I kick-started my wellbeing, trained as an aromatherapist and created effective, pure aromatherapy blends.” Wow, it’s no wonder we find these formulas so calming! With her training in aromatherapy, Nicola brings all of her knowledge into the range so you can benefit from a calming experience every single time.

Sculpted by Aimee

Founded in 2016 by Irish make-up artist Aimee Connolly, Sculpted by Aimee is sharing the love by helping women to feel at their best with ease. With years of working in the industry and on TV, Aimee aimed to make a range of products that she felt were missing from the market to make feeling fabulous simple. From make-up artists to make-up fans, Sculpted by Aimee makes cosmetics for every woman (and man!) to enjoy.

Ultrasun and Skinsense

This beauty powerhouse has not one, but two incredible brands to her name. Abi Cleeve started by launching unbeatable suncare formulas from Ultrasun over two decades ago, packing them with signature lamellar technology to create blends that are effective and easy to use. A few years down the road, Abi took her brilliant technology and applied it to skincare to form Skinsense. With years of experience, both brands offer a wide range of beloved formulas that are widely regarded by beauty fans.

Margaret Dabbs

Founding the company and infusing her philosophies into every product is Margaret Dabbs, working to bring hands and feet to importance within the beauty industry. With a background as a podiatrist, Margaret firmly believes that caring for these parts of your body are just as important as any other beauty treatment. She combines science with luxury beauty to create her range of targeted formulas and it’s no wonder these indulgent blends are as loved in Margaret’s spas and clinics as much as they are at home.

Nails Inc

Nails Inc is one of our mani must-haves when it comes to our at-home beauty stash, and founder Thea Green knows the importance of fast, effective nailcare formulas after travelling across the world as Editor at Tatler. Taking what she found in nail bars in the States and converting it into her own brand, Thea has managed to cover every nailcare need, from bright colours to subtle neutrals, caring oils to clever removers. It’s like having your very own nail salon at home.

Laura Geller

Building from a life-long love of beauty and a history as a make-up artist working on Broadway and with celebrity clients, Laura Geller has devoted a lot of her life to making women feel great through make-up. Creating her own make-up brand was a no-brainer, focusing on uncomplicated, mistake-proof formulas that every woman can have fun with. With pioneering formulations paired with plenty of tips and tricks from Laura herself, this cosmetics range can really be used and enjoyed by everyone, from novices to beauty experts.

This March, we’re celebrating Inspirational Women’s Month and welcome you to take a look at the many fantastic, female-founded and led brands we are proud to partner with here.