Get ahead with gardening this winter

Toasty mug in hand, you trudge out into the garden. The frost is shimmering, many plants are dormant and the trees are bare. All of which to say, winter is well and truly under way. It can be a quiet time for gardeners, but if your green fingers are itching (like ours!) there’s still plenty to do during the winter months.

From tidying and pruning to maintenance and repairs, here are some ideas to get you started through January and February. With less going on, it’s a great opportunity to take stock and plan for the gardening months ahead. As they say, new year, new garden!

Tidying up

What better way to start than with a seasonal tidy up? A deep clean will lay the foundations for warmer days ahead, and it’s a great outdoor workout too! If sweeping the lawn or clearing wind-blown debris is on the to-do list, this Original Garden Broom will help you get the job done.


Peak leaf season may be over, but many trees hang onto their dead leaves well into the winter season. This sturdy broom can be used as a rake, plus it’s made from the by-products of coconuts, so it won’t absorb water and get stodgy or sticky when used in wet conditions.

After a bout of heavy rain or strong wind, keep an eye out for those soggy leaves or collapsed stems of perennials. They can sometimes block the light and air for other plants!

And what to do with the leaves? Before you throw them away, remember they make for excellent compost or mulch if shredded. This Electric Impact Shredder from Webb boasts a powerful 2500W motor and a high-performance cutting system that shreds grass clippings, hedge trimmings, leaves and even branches. Whether you’re reducing waste or creating compost, this lightweight shredder will make your gardening tasks a breeze.

Sprucing up your outdoors

Winter has a way of covering our gardens in so much sludge and slime! That’s why we absolutely love this Crikey Mikey 5L Hard Surface Cleaner with Pressure Sprayer from Wolf. It’s super-easy to use and perfect for cleaning walls, paving, brickwork or even statues.


This Wolf cleaning kit offers quick, effective removal of algae, mould and lichen, and it even comes complete with protective gloves and safety glasses, so you can get stuck in the moment you receive your box. Simply pump and prime, then get rid of the slime! When your space is shining with life, you’ll thank Crikey Mikey!

Tools of the trade 

From late January through to February, things slowly but surely start to come alive in the garden. Before the first reawakenings of spring, it’s a good idea to stocktake and make sure you have all the tools you need for the gardening season ahead.

If the shed is looking a little empty, why not stock up with some essentials? Grumpy Gardener’s Wonder Shovel and Dirt Buddy duo will make tending to your patch so much simpler and enjoyable. These are two incredibly versatile tools that can be used for a variety of tasks, from digging, breaking up roots or weeding with the Wonder Shovel, to re-potting and planting bulbs with the Dirt Buddy.

Don’t forget, for keeping the garden in check (or the home!) our dedicated online Tool Shed has a wide range of DIY equipment, essential tools and security solutions.

Let gardening season begin

A new year calls for new designs, dreams and garden goals. So, for all things green and growing, be sure to visit our virtual garden centre. 

Feels good to breathe the fresh air, doesn’t it?