Gifts for gardeners

We all know someone green-fingered in the family – a mum, an uncle, a sister or a cousin. But what do we get garden enthusiasts for Christmas?

If you’ve been digging around in search of the perfect gift, we’re here to help. That’s right, there’s no need to get your hands muddy! Not when we’ve cherry-picked a selection of amazing products for anyone who loves spending time outdoors.

Whether your bestie is a botanist or your darling is a DIY-er, find your gift inspiration right here and make their Christmas green.

For happy houseplants (and happy owners!)

Houseplants bring life, colour and drama to interior spaces, so it’s no wonder their popularity keeps on growing. But what about plant care? If there were ever any question marks, this Plantsmith Houseplant Care Gift Set takes the mystery out of maintenance.

With a bottle of Houseplant Feed & Tonic and a bottle of Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist, this set includes all the essential nutrients needed to help keep indoor plants happy and healthy. Next thing you know, they’ll have a jungle flat!

For the garden graft

All gardeners need trusty tools. A good set doesn’t just save a horticulturist time, it also ensures better gardening results. We think it’s best to start with the essentials here, and that’s where Radius Garden come in good with this four-piece hand tool set.

Consisting of a trowel, a multi-purpose tool, cultivator and scooper, you’ll struggle to find a more versatile and productive set of hand gardening tools. Each one is designed to help maximize power and minimise hand and wrist stress with a comfort grip. And the best bit? These tools can be used season after season, for a whole range of tasks.

For the butterfly spotters

If someone has a sunny spot in their garden, well, they’ve already got the foundations for a wonderful butterfly garden. So, how do they earn their wings? Richard Jackson has the solution with The Grow a Butterfly Garden Gift Box.

This kit features a packet of mixed seeds that’ll bloom into nectar-rich flowers (Aster, Borage, Zinnia to name a few). They’re easy to grow, plus the box comes with two tubes of Flower Power Plant Food tablets and a pair of stay-sharp snips.

Once the butterflies receive their floral invite, they’ll flutter into the garden for a mesmerising display.  These jewelled insects do more than just beautify, they help pollinate plants and boost garden biodiversity. It’s a great way to educate children on wildlife, and the kit is presented in a colourful box for that wow reaction. My, oh my – we can see the butterflies!

For an easy-care statement 

Low maintenance is good, especially when schedules are hectic or garden jobs start piling up. Epiphytic plants are a fascinating option with easy maintenance. Take this Air Plant collection from Thompson & Morgan for example, comprising a mix of Tillandsia, all housed in a stylish, pyramid-shaped glass terrarium.

Epiphytic plants grow abundantly in rainforests, and what makes them unique is their ability to thrive without soil or compost, absorbing their water and nutrients from the air. Whether it’s hung on a hook or placed on a table, this terrarium is sure to enchant and will make an eye-catching statement anywhere in the home.

For the tidy-uppers 

To sweep up proceedings, let’s talk about the most rudimental of garden essentials – a dependable broom. It is almost winter after all, so it’s time to gather up leaves outside, clear the decks and ready the garden for a long sleep.

Made using recycled materials, this Original Garden Broom is sturdy and also acts like a rake, helping to keep garden paths and porches tidy and free of debris. It’ll cover year-round cleaning needs, both indoors and out.

Good luck!

Green-fingered shopping isn’t always obvious, but we hope this blog might’ve given you some inspiration. If you’re still searching, we have a whole shedful of ideas in our garden gifting range, with everything from lighting to loungers. And for all things green and lush, remember to visit our virtual garden centre.

Go on, plant a gift under the tree and watch their smiles grow this Christmas!