Help the birds through winter

Life isn’t easy during the winter months, particularly if you’re a bird. Colder weather means birds need to eat regularly and plentifully, while the usual snacks on the menu like berries, seeds and insects are harder to find at this time of year.

However, we can help out our feathered friends. Not only will designing a bird-friendly garden beautify your home, it might also save lives.

Food, glorious food

Finding a regular source of high-energy food such as a garden feeding station is the equivalent of winning the lottery for wild birds.

This Bird Feeding Station from Jennings features a metal design with three hanging bird feeders, a dish feeder and a water dish. Just fill the hanging feeders with high-energy bird food to help them build up and maintain their fat reserves for the long, cold nights.

A great mixture that can be used year-round is Richard Jackson’s High-Energy Bird Food. Another option is Grumpy Gardener’s Fatballs, full of tasty cereals, oils, fats, seeds and minerals.

This Bird Table from Wildlife World is as beautiful as it is practical. Its charming design will add character to your garden, while its low roof allows smaller birds to get in without the threat of bigger birds.

If possible, place the bird table in a mounted position, preferably sheltered. This will allow the birds to feel safe while they feed, with a good all round view to keep an eye out for surprise ambushes by cats.

Water of life 

Birds need to drink and bathe every day – even when it’s really cold outside. Feathers must be kept in good condition, so a fountain or bird bath will do wonders for the plumage maintenance, as well as relieving thirst after a long flight.

Only available to QVC UK, this four-in-one water fountain, garden planter, bird feeder and bird bath from Bernini features three tiers, a built-in water bubbler function and an additional pirouette dancing water attachment.

There’s no need for plumbing or wiring, so you can hang this battery-powered water feature from a tree, or at the centre of your garden table. Fill the base with soil and plant bright blooms such as begonias, petunias or geraniums for an added splash of colour.

Close to nature 

If you want to bring even more wildlife to your garden, why not check out our fantastic Illuminated Hedgehog Feeder? Designed especially for QVC by TV naturalist Simon King, the feeder has a stainless steel tray for food and space for drinking bowls.

If you’ve ever wanted to see hedgehogs feeding at night, this feeder with its solar-powered light is an excellent way to observe them. Hedgehogs hibernate under leaves and sheds during the winter months, though, so spring and summer are the best times to spot them.

Wildlife World’s Birds, Bees and Bugs Hotel is another great way you can give nature a home – and quite literally in this case. It features four chambers, including a bird nest box, bug zone, overwintering chamber and even an interactive bee tray.

For more inspiration, do take a look at our Wildlife Collection. Winter is the perfect time to get closer to nature – it’s when birds and bugs alike are battling it out against the elements – and they’re always grateful for a helping hand!

The weather might be frightful, but it’s a season of extraordinary beauty.

Happy wintering from QVC!