Getting ready for my new garden!

Hello everybody, and happy July. How did we get here?? Actually, don’t answer that. We all know!

I’ve been in a bit of limbo throughout June. As I mentioned briefly before, I’ve invested in a house in my home county of Suffolk. However, it all happened rather quickly, and it’s actually my friends’ house that I bought, as they’d been let down by a couple of buyers previously. However, they will still be here for a few weeks. So, I’m half moved in, they are half moved out and it’s all a bit of a muddle right now. But we will survive!

The worst part of it is that I can’t really get my hands on the garden yet. There are still various items in the garden that they’ll be taking away with them, so I don’t yet have a full blank canvas to work with quite yet! Also, I don’t want to start off with my plans until the previous owners are well out of sight, especially as my plans involve removing some of the lawn, shhh!

I’ve been busy processing my ideas for the garden and building a pretty nifty Pinterest board too. My problem is that I’m quite indecisive. A few initial ideas include painting the garage wall a nice grey green colour, to set off my favourite plants, and installing a floating deck walkway across the centre of the garden. I may also have my eye on an outhouse too!

I have managed to start a bit of planting though, especially because I’ve been collating various small pots over the last few months, and they needed to get planted out. There was some old stoneware sitting at the bottom of the garden, and I’ve managed to bring it back to life, with a mixture of herbs, cosmos and fragrant geraniums.

I think I’m going to need to get my hands on some self-watering plants as though, especially because I’m often in London at weekends. I’m also hoping to get some larger structural shrubs in pots, the upcoming Plant of the Month from Plants2Gardens would be ideal for this, it’s a gorgeous candle hydrangea!

I’ve also brought along the 50 houseplants that I started to buy while I was staying in the apartment in Windsor, so they’ve all found homes pretty easily. But that doesn’t mean I can’t stop myself buying more! Have you checked out the houseplant range on the QVC website?

I can’t leave my spring bulb planting too late though, because I need to get those into the soil in the next couple of months. I haven’t grown bulbs for a few years now, but I love the thrill of planting them in the autumn, forgetting about them, and then having such a pleasant surprise come March!

So, finally I’m able to exercise my green fingers quite extensively. And it feels so good!

Michael x