A busy February!

Hey guys,

Good to see you again!

I’ve had a busy month, which actually started off in Denmark, in the city of Copenhagen. We popped over for three or four days, and of course I made sure we saw lots of botany too. I can really recommend the Botanic Gardens, they are a treasure trove of unique and unusual plants. I was also feeling quite inspired by the plants on the market; they use a lot of pastels and baby blue, as you’ll see from the photos.


Once I got home, I couldn’t resist assembling a few of those colours, as you’ll see in my shelving unit that I’ve now moved outdoors!


No sooner was I back, but I was up to Leeds to teach Steph McGovern and Anton du Beke how to build a terrarium. I have to say, they both did pretty well. Anton made a display that looked like the Seychelles with some lovely big rocks, and Steph’s was like a forest floor. I hope they took them home and will be caring for them!


I also attended an utterly fab day at RHS Wisley, as part of the Young Horticultural Movement. I’m an ambassador not a member, hehe! I made a speech about Weird and Wacky Plants, and we all got tours of the grounds, which were looking all wintery and sparkly.

It’s been a busy month on the podcast too, as we managed to land an interview with the Executive Producer of the Green Planet Series on BBC. What an honour! We got lots of behind-the-scenes gossip, and I couldn’t resist asking about David Attenborough and, of course, the plants. Putting this down as a career highlight.

I’ve also had a bit of a Primrose month, creating tonnes of fun content for these rainbow beauties. Lots of amazing colours coming through which we hope to bring you at QVC. I’m also testing out a few as houseplants indoors, which is brilliant. They last twice as long as cut flowers and I’m totally backing this trend. In fact, I’m obsessed with mixing things up, and I’ve even brought a few aconites indoors to enjoy on the table recently.


Lastly, I’ve been doing something I haven’t done since I was eighteen. Pollinating flowers… this was one of my first jobs when I joined Thompson and Morgan and I got to try it again after all those years. It was brilliant, and you can see the video on my Instagram page.

Busy month at QVC coming up. This week I’m involved in two Today Special Value offers, so I’ll need a few coffees for that! But I love it, and I love bringing you fantastic gardening products and cool new plants.

See you next month!

Michael 🙂