Enjoying the height of summer!

Hey Everyone,

You may not see me on your screens every week through the summer, because I’m having (what I’m told is) a well-earned rest! It’s been such a busy season, with QVC work, as well as all the content creation I get up to. I’m loving it though.

I’m especially liking flower shows being back! I was very lucky to go to the press day of Hampton Court recently. Once we were through the gates, everything felt nice and normal, and it was great to be surrounded by plants, and my plant friends.

Of course, I came away with quite a few purchases. I absolutely adored the floral marquee and was quite taken with some flowers made of paper, oh the irony!

Of course, I soon got those plants planted into my borders at home. They are looking really, really full.

People often wonder how I created the garden so quickly, I think that’s because I’m so impatient, so I planted big plants, and planted them really closely together. Probably nothing that the books would tell you to do….!

I have been particularly excited about my “pink squirrel” flower this week, plus I can see a Tiger Lily on the way, I might camp next to it just so I can see it when it opens…

Whilst in my own garden, I have been spending a few moments in my egg chair each day, it’s one of the best things I have bought from QVC.

That is, until I got my electric BBQ. game changer!! I think I’ve become a QVC addict myself, as I just ordered the Sealy mattress last week too…

I’m just loving the warm weather now and trying very hard not to complain about it. Especially because I was always grumbling when it was cloudy and a little bit autumn-like at the beginning of the month.

We are going for plenty of walks, discovering new places in Suffolk, as well as places I haven’t been to for years.

The wildflowers seem particularly special this time of year, or perhaps I am looking at them differently.

I’ve also been working on some content around gardening projects for kids, because I’m sure there’s many that need to be kept entertained during the summer holidays!

This is the part where I usually give you gardening jobs, but this month there isn’t much to do. I would prefer you to just enjoy your garden, with the occasional wobbly session of deadheading, with a glass of wine in your hand…!

Until next month, take care,