Garden planning

Okay, with a fairly quiet month at QVC during September, I will have some time to get on with my garden creation. And, I wasn’t going to show you anything yet, but I think I’m going to show you all my plans and see what you think. Gulp!

Basically, this garden is lovely in size, but desperately needs privacy. Furthermore, as I’m away a lot, I don’t think having a lawn will be manageable. By planting more plants and flowers for the bees, rather than lawn space, I’ll be doing my bit for wildlife too!

So yes, that’s the first thing to happen, I’ll be taking out the lawn, and marking out some borders, I’m going to create a seating area at the end of the garden, even though it’s not that far away it will create two separate rooms… I hope. I’ve made the beds quite an informal shape, to make it feel more cosy and create tempting corners!

I’ve actually decided to use concrete for the pathway, and then soften it with the plants on the edges, I think it’s gonna look really smart. I’ve got a vision in my head, but it’s impossible to find any pictures that match it. And I’m not that good as an illustrator!

I think I’ll replace the cement patio outside the door with some nice smooth decking, it will be easier to clean without the small grooves in. I’ll then use the two heights of the garden, to have a lower sundeck, where I can sit in a lounger from time to time!

But the best bit… is the plants, I want lots of evergreens, lots of texture, interest for all seasons. I need to be careful that I include evergreens for the privacy, or I’ll only be able to streak past my window in the summer months!

The garage wall needs covering for sure though, I’m undecided as to whether I paint it first, but I will definitely have lots of wall hugging plants, and perhaps some lovely climbers!

I can’t wait to make this garden a bit more of a haven, at the moment it’s so barren, and the birds haven’t even visited the new feeders I’ve put outside! Hopefully, with more shrub cover, they will feel more confident to come. Plus, I really want to help the bees and the butterflies with lots of nectar rich plants too!

So, after years of not having a garden, it seems it’s finally time for me to roll my sleeves up! It’s a good thing I’ve got my wonder shovel to help me through it all! Plus, I’ll be incorporating natural grower into the soil, to open up the texture, and add nutrients. This will give my plants the very best start.

And, as for plants, I’ve definitely got my eye on some of the hydrangeas on the QVC website, not to mention some of the shrubs and climbers. See, there is no stopping me!

I hope you manage to make sense of my little garden plan and feel very free to make any comment down below, after all it’s a work in progress!!

Michael 🙂