Getting back to basics

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. I know you’ve been seeing a lot more of me on your screen recently, and I hope you’re okay with that! It’s been an honour to work with QVC to bring a lot of the forgotten plant stock to customers at home.

I’m sure you saw all the news stories about plants that were set to go to waste because garden centres are closed. We’ve been working super hard with the buyers in order to stop that waste from happening. Lots of people were saying the plants should be given away, but it’s not as easy as that, as livelihoods were at stake. Nurserymen still need to sell the stock that they’ve taken months to grow.

Did you pick up any of the hot offers? Leave a comment at the bottom if you did! And, later in the summer, show me a photo!

After quite a few years of a heavy schedule, the current pandemic has rather rooted me into one place! This has been strange yet wonderful, and inspired me to invest in lots of houseplants. I’m having a lot of fun caring for them, and reaping the feel-good benefits.

I’m also trying to grow a few herbs on the windowsill, because I like nothing better than a cup of fresh mint tea. After all, I can’t be sitting around having five cups of coffee every day! That’s a wired feeling that nobody needs right now!

I’ve also been brave and sown some salad crops in module trays on the windowsill, and I’m fascinated by how the growth is accelerating every day. I’ve also sown some tomato seeds, but I’m not sure where I’ll be planting those out quite yet!

I’ve also been getting back to basics, and trying a bit of propagation. I managed to nab a cutting of Richard Jackson’s Maiden Blush  plant last week, and I’ve currently got it rooting in the water in a glass. Propagation like this is super easy, and really fascinating for kids to do as well.

I also dyed some eggs for Easter! It was really easy, you just soak onion skins, tie blossom, leaves and such to the egg before you boil it! Proud of myself for that! I also refashioned some Trolls with air plants – gosh I have been busy!

Being at home also means that I’ve been getting back to some cookery basics, rather than lying on a hotel room bed with pre-packed buffet food. I’ve always been a big fan of vegetables, and I’ve really been experimenting with them.

I made my Italian friend’s family parmigiana recipe the other day, and I have to say it was delicious, even better the next day! I also baked some lettuce – that was super tasty.

Connecting with friends has been a joy, and it’s funny that we are in contact more at the moment than we have been previously! However, video calls don’t make up for real life contact, as we all know. But we are doing the best that we can. Sadly, I’m also separated from my partner, he is in Poland right now, but we are video calling and playing online games to stay in touch.

It’s been quite interesting to see how video calling has been used in lots of the TV shows too, and also with us at QVC. We often dial into a brand so that they can give us a live update about their products. It works really quite well! I’ve also been dialling into ITV This Morning, various radio stations, and recording podcast interviews. All to spread a little bit of indoor gardening inspiration!

Until next month, stay safe, and keep taking those cuttings and sowing seeds!