March gardening Jobs

Hi everyone!

This time last week, there was snow everywhere in Suffolk. But now it’s all gone. It was the snow of my childhood dreams, it lasted for a week and there were plentiful opportunities to make a snowman, although I didn’t for some reason…

Even though I know they’re safe, I can’t say I didn’t panic about my plants being beneath this layer of the white stuff. But as we know, plants are super hardy, and the snow almost keeps them warm. The primroses were still flowering beneath the blanket too, I’m sure of it!

But there’s been tonnes going on over the last few weeks, I’ve been busy making terrariums, sowing seeds, and setting up some grow lights. Not to mention decorating the kitchen. Which, shock horror, I rather enjoyed! We are also about to release the fourth series of our podcast, the plant-based podcast, it’s super exciting.

“Spring is on the way but beware that new shoots may be devoured by slugs and snails. Prevent this if you can! Which reminds me, it’s time for my gardening jobs section – what do you need to do during March…?

You can soon cut your grass as the weather is warming. Don’t go too short with the first cut though, it’s not a lockdown haircut! Now would be a good time to treat your lawn with moss remover too, which can lead on to a dose of Lawn Magic in late spring!

Pot on plug plants. They’ll be arriving over the next couple months, depending on variety. I’d always advise potting them up as soon as you can for best results. If you’re a first timer, then a windowsill will do, just make sure you turn the plants every few days. If you get carried away with plug purchasing, you may need a table in the back bedroom, you have been warned…!

Jump on top of weeds… not literally but do stay ahead of the curve with your weed growth. Things can escalate quickly once spring has sprung. Richard Jackson’s natural remedy can help though!

But, don’t worry’ I’ll be here to help you every step of the way. Tune in to our regular gardening shows for insider tips and tricks. We have a special all-day event coming up on Sunday 14th March too, with new plants, gardening tools and finishing touches. The big noise that day will be about Fuchsias too, with a hardy collection being our Today’s Special Value offer!

Okay, confession, I caved in. I ordered the Cocoon chair. I hope it arrives soon! The weather is starting to warm up, and I want to have a few spring cups of tea in the chair!

You may have seen me pop up on Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4 a couple of times over the last few weeks, first talking about herbal remedies, and then about feeding the birds in the winter!

Now you know I like to experiment in the kitchen. I love making new recipes and daring myself to try complex ones. I’m really quite tempted by the Fruits of the Forest Garden Product of the Month, which includes some really unique flavoured fruits. We’ve also had some Grow Eat Love shows, which are really fun, and I love the products. We had huge beefsteak tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, and orange cherries, it’s enough to make me love tomatoes (because I usually dislike them with a passion!!)

In the kitchen recently, I’ve been making all sorts. For Valentine’s night, I ordered some locally prepared sushi, and we made Japanese pancakes (okonomiyaki) at home. They were a great success! And we recently celebrated Fat Thursday, a Polish celebration, as my partner is Polish. Although we made a low-carb version, which were pretty good with a bit of jam!

So aside from painting the kitchen, I’ve also been using the first drill I’ve ever purchased. I only took some shelves down and put them back up, so its baby steps for me… I’m not always the most practical, anybody that saw me trying to operate the adjustable ladder on our weekend show will confirm!

Well, I must get on with some potting today, I want to make a few quick winter spring containers. I’ve also started a bit of a competition on my website, to see who can make the most attractive winter container!! Why wait for summer??

Until next month, happy gardening.