May’s gardening jobs


Welcome to my latest blog, and I’ve just spent the weekend in my garden, amongst all of my gorgeous spring bulbs. It is such a tonic! I’ve planted so many, that it’s like my own mini Keukenhof!

Every day, something new comes into flower, I just never wanted to end though! I’ve been so impressed with the tulips in particular, the stems are so long and straight, and the colour is incredible. I’ve been growing “Miami sunset”, a variety that I actually named myself!

It’s still so dry though isn’t it? I don’t like to use the hose that often, but I need to plant some stuff out soon, some perennials and such, and I think I shall have to water the ground for a few days beforehand.

It’s really busy season for me at the moment, so I’ve been doing tons of filming when I haven’t been at QVC. I kicked off the month with a special seminar for the Dutch Flower Council, where we did some mixed house plant containers, it was really fun and innovative. My recent filming with Channel 4 for Steph‘s Packed Lunch has also just been shown.

I’m particularly proud of the house plant segment, where we look at some really new and unusual plants. Let me know if you’ve seen it?

We are really happy to have reached number one in the Home & Garden Podcast Charts for our podcast too! It’s a good job that we had just had a new photo shoot and had some new photos to share! We had a great day, at Columbine Hall, having the usual laughs… as you can see.

I was also lucky enough to be featured in the Telegraph recently, as part of a promotion. I was full page; it was quite a shock when I opened up the newspaper.

As usual, at home I’ve been filming lots of different types of content. I was asked to film a video showing how to make a flower crown, which is quite a challenge for me as I’m very clumsy with crafting. However, I managed to make it happen! I’m really quite pleased with the results, what do you think?

I’ve also been experimenting with a few unique craft gardens too! Firstly, I made a forest on a plate, with miniature trees, gravel pathways and lots of small features. Then I pushed the boat out with a garden in a wineglass, and you can see the results here. They’re just a bit of fun, and make sure you use a strong glass, or a plastic one.

I’m writing this article as I sit in my garden, in my lovely egg chair. Did you know that the double cocoon version is coming up as a Today’s Special Value offer on QVC very soon, and it’s available on presell now!? It’s also a good idea to start ordering the bulbs that we are offering. I know I’m pleased that I did! I’ve been cutting lots of daffodils for using indoors, plus I gave a bunch to my mum last week, all homegrown!

I’ve been delaying a few jobs too, I know I need to get my weed killer out, especially on the front drive. I also need to tidy up my white furniture outside, and I’m planning to use the eco-version of the block blitz! I’ll have to put a day aside for those less-relaxing gardening activities!

Oh, and finally, I want to show off my lasagne pots. Check out the three photos, and you can see the longevity that you can get from these pots. You can even plant them up for the summer months!

I can’t wait to see what you experiment with. In the meantime, I’m still waiting for some parrot tulips, and wallflowers. It really is the longest lasting pot you could ever plant up!