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Hello everyone, how are you holding up?

As many of you that follow my social media will know, I have always travelled often, either for work engagements or leisure. Recently, my wings have been clipped, for obvious reasons. However, I’ve been putting lots of energy into growing plants in the apartment I was staying in, and this month I’ll share a few tips!

Rather than feel curtailed by not having any outdoor space, I actually made the most of any flat surfaces by growing plants. Heck, I even hung some up too! Plus, I was happy to push the boundaries, and during the live shows you’ll see that I’ve been experimenting with patio plants such as the Osteospermum, some Fuchsias, and even a Bleeding Heart plant!

I even started playing around with some of our QVC solar lights on the windowsill, and I’m pleased to report that they work fantastically well. They started glowing from about 8pm, even before it was dark, and gave an ethereal glow to the windowsill through the night, illuminating my prized houseplants!

I’ve even been growing some herbs on the windowsill, in soil and pots. This means that I’ve always got a healthy supply of fresh spice for my salads and such.

But, the best news of all is, I’ll be moving back to a house with a garden very soon! Plus, I’m going to start giving it the king of all makeovers! My head is full of lots of ideas, I can barely sleep at night! It‘ll also be a nice playground for new QVC plants, and innovative accessories.

So, in order to exercise my gardening limbs, I actually threw down the gauntlet this month. I’ve asked a few of the QVC presenters to pose their gardening queries to me by video, and I’ve replied by video too! This means that you also get to see the answer!

You can watch this video below! But that’s not all, I am opening this opportunity up to everyone! You can film your video question, and I will reply in a future series. Please send your video to, ideally filmed in portrait format, and no longer than one minute.

Gardening Q&A | Mr Plant Geek

In this video, my fellow QVC presenters ask me their gardening questions and I provide answers! You can also ask me your own gardening questions with the fol…

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Any of you that follow me on my Facebook page will have seen that I’ve asked for your help with our editorial parts of the show, we want to keep the ideas flowing. I really love showing the pictures of what you’ve grown from QVC plants, and adding in lots of tips here and there. We’ve had so many new viewers recently and want to help you as much as possible!

It has been a busy season, and it has caught some companies unawares. We know there’s been a few issues with deliveries, sometimes delayed, and sometimes not treated with enough care by the delivery company. It’s not ideal at all but remember you can always give QVC a call and they will try to resolve things for you.

But, to help you even more, I’ve also put together a plug plant guide, covering some of the basics, and what to do when things go wrong..

You can find this video here:

The Insider’s guide to growing plug plants with Michael Perry

Five things to know about mail order plants with QVC’s garden expert Michael Perry.

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Until next month, keep gardening – whether that’s indoors or outdoors! And soon, I will have a garden to show you all!