What I’ve been up to this month

Hey everyone,

Isn’t it crazy? Summer seems to be lasting forever now… it’s pretty good that it is, I think if the dull August weather had extended into September, we would all be grumbling…

I’ve had another busy month, which started off in a field of hydrangea. After a trip up north, I stopped off at the National Collection of Hydrangea in Derby, and it was gorgeous. I particularly like the ice cream types.

I’ve also been out recording podcasts with Ellen again, and we visited a new vegetable trial ground. This was really interesting, as we got to taste some new vegetables, and see how they are being improved for better garden use.

I was quite taken with the black tomatoes, but a bit disappointed to know that they are ripe when red, not black! They also had some gorgeous garden peas, with golden pods, and some purple ones with big flowers, just like sweet peas.

We’ve also been out to interview at Kiln Farm Nursery, in particular the apprentices. We are intrigued about how to get young people into horticulture, and suddenly realised that nobody actually speaks to young people, so we did!

We also had a bit of fun filming some reels, have you heard of reels? They are short videos, and they can be really creative.

I’ve been back down to London, into the ITV studios. We looked at houseplant trends, and we showed shelf plants, plants that don’t need water, and a range of interesting flowering plants.

I’ve only had one QVC show this month, it’s a little bit of low season for QVC gardening. I’ll be back at some point before Christmas, but of course we kick things off in January for real!

My garden is looking a little bit tired now, I’m regretting not planting many autumn-flowering plants. *Makes a note to self*!

I have cut a few nice flowers from the garden though, and I’m quite enjoying those bouquets. I’m also lucky enough to have a bouquet from the Chelsea show, some gorgeous big chrysanthemums!

And then, if that wasn’t enough, I was back up to Leeds again. This time for Steph’s Packed Lunch, we did a really cool feature on upcycling pallets, with Jo Behari, who you might recognise form QVC too! I’ve been back in there this week, doing Chelsea trends. Because of course, it is the Chelsea Flower Show this week!

I was really excited to show retro plants, small trees, and environmental gardening. I also got to show the plant of the year, the amazing Cercis Eternal Flame!

I really should get outside and start to tidy the garden up, it is looking a bit tired, and a few things need cutting down. I won’t be too quick to cut down though, I want to leave some habitats for the insects, etcetera. I don’t have a lawn at home, as you know, but if you do have a lawn, it’s almost time for your final cut of the season, don’t you know!

And those summer containers might be looking a little bit tired, how about re-planting them for autumn, or getting ahead and planting a lasagne pot for the spring!

See you next month, enjoy whatever you get up to!

Michael x