What to do in your garden in July

Hey, how are you all doing?

I’m not sure when you’ll be reading this blog, but right now I’m sitting here wondering where the summer has gone? It’s so hard to keep tabs on everything this year, especially because I now have my own garden, so it’s like I feel the weather more deeply or something!

Yes, the rain is good for plant growth, but I also want things to come into flower, and a few of my plants haven’t even given me new shoots this season yet. They must be super confused. I also haven’t made my mind up in terms of cutting back or letting my bulbs die naturally…

I’m taking a leaf out of Richard Jackson‘s book and feeding my plants a lot this season though. I have one of his hose end sprayers on the way, to help me get the job done. I’ve also been using natural grower mulch on my borders, and I like to think that I am really improving the soil. My growth is quite bountiful so far!! I’ve seen lots of worms, so that is definitely a good sign. But, alas, the slugs are starting to appear on the Hosta. I’ve been out there with my Richard Jackson slug control though…

It has been a busy week, well, a busy month actually – did you see what we did on Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4? We were doing cardening, where people grow plants in the car. It’s a little bit of a silly trend, but you can indeed put a cactus or succulent in your cupholder! We went quite extra, hope you like it!

I’ll be back on again with wet and dry gardens soon too, showing plants that don’t mind water logging, and those that don’t mind drying out. Now that’s how to cope with an English summer!!

Thinking about my garden, I’m so pleased that I planted alliums. They’re really good for that in-between moment. Without them, I wouldn’t have any flowers right now! If you see any alliums for sale, I recommend that you snap them up!

I’ve been on the road a bit too. Ellen and I went to see the irises in Kings Lynn and it was magical. Just like a painting!

We’ve also been experimenting, making our own Tomtato – we basically took a potato plant and a tomato plant, and Sellotaped them together. Let’s see what happens!

I’ve also been exploring the Chilterns. What a beautiful part of the country. Stopped off at the Vicar of Dibley village too!


Until next month – enjoy!

Jobs for the month:

Feeding – do this at least once a week.

Deadheading – do this every time you have a glass of wine.

Weeding – do this as soon as they become too visible!!!

Michael x