Inside QVC Podcast Episode 100 – Pipa Gordon

Will Gowing speaks to presenter, writer and podcast host, Pipa Gordon! Pipa discusses her 20 years at QVC, living through personal challenges from a very young age and inspiring others through her podcast ‘Inside My Wardrobe’, as well as her work on

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  1. Really enjoyed listening to Pippa sharing her life with us , really heart warming and brave , it’s the first time I have listened to a Podcast and it won’t be my last . Well done Will on a hundred episodes xx

  2. What a very interesting life you have led Pipa, perhaps too interesting in places! Want to ask you much more, you need to have another chat with Will to cover more ground.

  3. Absolutely, genuinely loved this episode. Pipa is just real and transparent, whether on here or on TV or on her amazing Inside My Wardrobe podcast, she really is the definition of an overcomer. A total inspiration! Thank you.✨

  4. This was my first episode of inside Q but won’t be my last! I really enjoyed it, Pipa is so real – love her podcast.

  5. I really enjoyed listening to Pippa’s podcast it was so interesting, what an amazing person you are! I am now going to listen to Inside My Wardrobe! Thanks so much for sharing xxx

  6. Brilliant and heart warming podcast Pipa. So glad you shared your story with us and I too have joined your website.
    Thanks Will for the 100th edition of these podcasts – they are very interesting and inspiring.

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