Inside QVC Podcast Episode 104 – Keeley Aydin

Will Gowing catches up with Keeley Aydin to discuss autumn/winter skin, chat about the Pro-Collagen skincare range, cover your concerns in ‘Keeley’s Skincare Clinic’, plus they reveal some of the exciting things to come from Elemis later this year!

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  1. Hi Keeley,

    I am been a viewer of QVC from the beginning. Lately, I have been watching Elemis shows and the repeats shows, to get information about the benefits of the different moisturisers and serums/oils that Elemis provide on QVC

    I am lucky enough to own most of them (with great results I might add) but get a bit confused when is the best time to use them and what problems they’re for. I used to use Decleor but now I love the Elemis products. Some are obvious, like the PCM cream with SPF.

    I know I’m asking a lot but I would be really grateful if you could provide me with a bit of a rundown of best cleanser, toner/mist and moisturisers to use together to get best results and for when I should use them.

    I’m 50 in August (but I am told that I don’t look my age, mostly by my Mum so unsure how reliable that info is 😁) and have very fair, easily burnt skin. I’m lucky that I don’t suffer too many problems, the odd spot etc, but worry about ageing more than anything else. I have a round face with plump cheeks so maybe I look younger because of genetics too. I haven’t sunbathed for years and wear SPF in the sun and use a parasol if I’m abroad. Looseness around my jaw line, lines around my eyes and sun damage to my décolleté, bother me though. I’ve always used a eye cream and moisturise laughter lines to stop them staying when I stop smiling – just like Alison Young has always said 😂

    Getting some information from you would be amazing because you know the products best of all and I would be most grateful, for your time, in helping me learn how to use the products for the best results.

    Jo. ☺️

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