Inside QVC Podcast Episode 111 – Dom De Vetta

Will Gowing catches up with the founder of Shay & Blue boutique perfumery, Dom De Vetta. Dom talks about the defining moment which led to the creation of Shay & Blue, his career with Chanel and Jo Malone, plus what it felt like taking a risk and launching his own brand.

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  1. Very interesting Dom thank you, it’s certainly made me want to give Shay and Blue a try! I love perfume but have always been very hesitant because any scent that I like that has staying power is usually the one that will give me a headache (same with candles) and it’s a pain being so sensitive to smells ……in my twenties my favourite was Estée Lauder Youth Dew but a girl in my office used another EL scent which made me queasy!!! Over the years I’ve tried many but now I’m looking forward to trying Shay and Blue, here’s hoping x

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