Inside QVC Podcast Episode 130 – Julia Roberts

As part of our Inspirational Women series, Will Gowing catches up with QVC Presenter, Julia Roberts. Julia tells Will about the inspirational women in her life, the female characters she explores through her work as an author, plus the life lessons she has shared with her daughter over the years.

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  1. Hi Julia really enjoyed the podcast you are such an interesting person enjoy watching you long may it continue.Love Loraine xxxx

    1. I’ve known of Julia since the 90s. My Mum had dementia and watching Julia talk helped her to calm down and sit for a while giving Dad a rest. I was always in awe of her, and was starstruck to connect with her on social media and actually get a response to a message. Her health struggles have resonated with me, and she’s inspirational to me herself…

  2. Julia you are Amazing Lady. I have been watching you on QVC from your first are always honest about the product you are taking about.and that it might not be for everyone and if we do want to try the product we know we can return the product back to QVC for a refund if we don’t like are very good when you tell us about the beauty products that you use .thank you Julia Roberts . AMAZING LADY XXX

  3. Missed the podcast but have to say this is a beautiful picture of you..
    A truly remarkable lady…. Honest.. Sincere….funny….a very proud and supporting mother and a good all round person… *you must be ok… Chris hung around all that time before you were married*.. That’s because he wanted to… Not had to… Can’t wait for your next chapter (Grandparents maybe) 🤔😜… X

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