Inside QVC Podcast Episode 137 – Catherine Huntley

Will Gowing speaks to QVC presenter Catherine Huntley. Catherine tells Will about her early years, life and work before QVC and the importance of home.

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  1. Lovely podcast. Was concerned when you were away from QVC last year but glad to see you back. Really admire your “can do” attitude when renovating your property. Find .you very natural on the tv and honest with the customers about your weight fluctuating and your wardrobes with several sizes of the same thing!

  2. Thanks for such an honest and open interview – really interesting. The whole imposter syndrome thing is so challenging isn’t it – I think many of us experience it at some time.

  3. What a lovely interview, certain things you said brought back things I have been concerned about myself in the past, particularly lack of self confidence. You should be very proud of yourself and your achievements and do not listen to hateful people I always think they must have very sad lives to be that hateful and nasty.

  4. Wow what an honest and uplifting podcast. The first I have ever listened too. I think you are amazing both on and off screen. I also love your honesty on screen about your weight gain/loss. I personally think you look fab at the moment and wish I had some curves like you. Stay strong and good luck going forward xxx

  5. Oh Catherine!!! What a lovely interview x So interesting, cant believe you’re an introvert, I am too. You have such a wonderful personality that comes across on tv. Would love to read a book from you xxx

  6. Wonderful podcast.I am sure it could have gone on for much longer, it was so interesting. Maybe do a second one?

  7. My first ever podcast listened too and Catherine , I take my hat off to you . Thank you for being so honest and open . I think many of us listened to this and said to ourselves , that’s the same for me too . As an introvert with no self belief either , I feel like I’ve just had a heart to heart with a friend . I’ll be first in the queue for that book if you ever decide to share your insights with us . Just a very big thank you for this podcast and carry on just being you , just the best xx

  8. Catherine that was just amazing. Very honest of you, hard to believe you are an introvert. You are good enough Catherine, more than good enough. X

  9. I always love your presentations Catherine, your sense of fun and your disarming openness. So valuable to those who feel similar. In so many areas of life, when you hear someone reflecting your own feelings and experiences it’s like a weight has been lifted from you. You suddenly realise you actually aren’t the only one, and you can start to exhale and begin to move forward. Baby steps.

  10. Thank you so much Catherine for your honesty I understand where you are coming from
    This has made you a stronger person you just have to believe it
    I know this because I have been there
    Enjoy everything you do you deserve it

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