Inside QVC Podcast Episode 143 – Celebrating Pride Month

In support of Pride Month and the Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline, Will Gowing speaks to gardening expert Michael Perry and TV presenter Craig Rowe about their experiences and what Pride means to them.


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  1. Thank you both for this podcast and you should be proud of who you are. I understand the importance for minorities to find support, raise awareness and to celebrate who they are. My problems arose not as a young person but in my fifties. When I was growing up I was happy, extrovert and had a great career. Unfortunately, MS came along and changed all that. Now I feel as part of a minority and feel almost invisible. Listening to you both today I found myself wishing for similar acknowledgement and support. There might be something out there but I’m not aware of it. Anyhow, best wishes to you both and celebrate who you are with pride. Love you both!

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