Inside QVC Podcast Episode 31: Alison Young

Will Gowing speaks to qualified beauty expert, Alison Young, about at-home beauty treatments for your hair, nails and skin. Alison also answers some of your beauty concerns during this time of isolation.

Ep31 At Home Beauty Tips with Alison Young

Will Gowing speaks to qualified beauty expert, Alison Young, about at-home beauty treatments for your hair, nails and skin. Alison also answers some of your beauty concerns during this time of isolation. 

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  1. Enjoy watching Alison Young always very informed. Appreciate her honesty in saying which products are more suitable for different age/skin types. My only concern is the lack of British Brands…what happened to Lulu, Sarah Chapman etc. There appears to be a strong bias towards American brands. If possible could you restore the balance between the two. Thank you

  2. First, Alison is brilliant and informative. Love watching her and prefer her shows to others presenting beauty as she is the only one with the knowledge. I agree with the previous comment about, what has happened to Lulu? Her hand creams in particular!

  3. I’m 64, and my skin has never been as good as it has been since taking all of Alisons advise, so, I very big thank you Alison. Also, can u please tell me where u got ur lovely blouse ?

  4. I Alison 5 years ago I developed vitaligo above my top lip, it really gets me down in the summer months, even though I wear factor 50 ultra sun I still get a tan on my face which makes the white stand out more on my top lip, is there anthything you can advice me on to conceal it. Love watching your beauty programmes on qvc. Thanks Marie

  5. Have been trying to get balance and brighten in medium which is not in a set but all sold out has it been discontinued as they were selling as a clearance.

  6. I like to buy my beauty products from QVC as they offer good value for money. At 73 I’m fighting a bit of a losing battle to keep my skin looking young. There are soooo many products to chose from that I get totally confused as to which I should go for. They all claim to be fantastic products, whether its the cheaper of more expensive brands. Even within any one brand there are numerous products which promote skincare for the face/neck/eyes. How do I know which one to chose????????

  7. Dear Alison,it has been a few months now since I have made any purchases.This morning i was grateful to receive a £5 promotional voucher.
    One of my last purchases was the Orly love your nails kit,I cannot give you its code as it is no longer on my history.
    I work both in childcare and hospital so my nails are bare most of the time.I have three weekly visits to my local Orly nail technition at my local superdrug for cuticle care and filling.
    My nails are only now begging to repair after my usage of cutique and the cuticle tool.I was using this product in bed prior to sleeping and therefor it was left on my nails, at no time do i remember any representative mentioning that the product had to be neutrailised with warm water or a moistened pad for 60 seconds. No emphasis was made on the amount of pressure to be used,however the demonstrations are far fetched. On a follow up show NOV !9 Debbie Flint staited “How can people get this wrong?”Then went on to say look at the reviews of people who love it and don’t push too hard.
    Indicating that in fact some customers like myself had damaged their nailbed.

  8. Are there going to be any more Tili Boxes? I missed out on the last one! I have bought several different ones, if there are please could I be informed? Thank you

  9. I have recently developed serious dryness and redness around my lips, eyes, face and neck. I need to get advice as to what products i could use to reduce this. In the past, I had an opportunity to send an email to QVCUK to get advice. In addition, my GP has not been helpful. Please could someone get back to me. Many thanks

  10. WHY on the beauty awards do you only get to vote /pick for one of the already pre selected choices ??? there should be an extra (AND OTHER) BOX SO YOU CAN FREE TYPE IN THE ITEM YOU ACTULY WANT TO VOTE FOR

  11. Ali, you looked fab whilst presenting (241365) Benefit magnetic mascara 27/2/21 @ 23:28. Whatever you are doing with your hair, these days, keep on doing it. It looks really thick, healthy and very “on-trend”….

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