Inside QVC Podcast Episode 34: Richard Jackson

Will Gowing talks to gardening expert Richard Jackson about his early career in the world of horticulture, his move into TV & radio, his many years as QVC’s resident gardening expert and of course launching his own range of products.

Ep34 Richard Jackson

Will Gowing talks to gardening expert Richard Jackson about his early career in the world of horticulture, his move into TV & radio, his many years as QVC’s resident gardener and of course launching his own range of products.

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  1. Hi I ordered Richard Jackson’s compost on 13.04.20, on advanced orders.
    On Saturday, Richard said his compost was back in stock so I am wondering why my order has not been dispatched yet?
    I cannot get through to customer care because of the crisis so wondered if I might get a reply on this.
    I also ordered the root booster on Saturday, which was in stock and usually this gets sent out immediately but noticed that this has not been dispatched either and it’s Tuesday afternoon.
    Kind regards Liz Maclean

  2. I ordered plants away back in March and paid for them and they were to be sent out in early May when can I expect them I can’t remember the name of the plants it was before the lock down so I know it is not easy for you but can you look into it

    Thanking you

  3. Hi Will, Thank you for sharing all of your podcasts. I am loving listening to all of them so inspirational. In these times that we are having to get used to, I can’t wait for each new podcast to arrive. Please keep them coming. Antoinette

  4. Order 520047 New Generation Busy Lizzies arrived today and most were broken and flattened. I have repotted on in 3.5 Inch pots hoping they survive.
    I have take Photos on my phone if you want me to forward them.

  5. Dear richard can you help me please I brought a flower power feeding bottle that fits on to the end of my hose pipe. I put the bottle on the end of the hose and was set to feed my plants when the top of the bottle where you screw the top on had come away from the end of the bottle I cannot send it back because it’s been to long do you sell aney more would be most grateful if you couled emale me pleas meny thanks this is the second time this has happened

  6. I purchased petunias on advanced order, they arrived on Tuesday 19th may, the first time I’ve been disappointed with purchase they were bashed about I have planted them hoping they will recover, thought I’d like you to know.

  7. i have recieved two lots of plants that were so bad they were broken the begonias were broken the roots were dryed out and they had bolted looked like they had been in the dark for a long time i have all ways brought plants from qvc will not be buying again but a big thank you to customer service who sorted it out

  8. Hello Richard

    I bought RJ plant invigorator for my plum tree and the grape vine. We have had huge issues with pests on both and the leaves get curled up. Have been using your plant invigorator and still cannot get rid of the pests and fungus. We have been using this every 2 days with little success. Please help and advise.

  9. Ordered begonias which was on waitlist, said was dispatched on 13/05. Still awaiting delivery. Please shed a light, as unable to contact due to obvious reasons.
    Thanking you

  10. I received my giant begonia plug plants on the 30/05/20, and what a sorry state they arrived ijn, 4 were broken af at the soil level and most were dried out. The only thing that was in tact was the free packet of root booster, which I did’nt need as I have already got two pots of this.
    I am expecting primroses in September so lets hope these will be better.
    This is not the only thing that I have had from ordering from QVC I still have.nt received delphiniums which I have been charged for needless to say I won’t be ordering anymore plants from QVC in the future.
    Mrs Field

  11. Hi Richard. I have spent alot of money on plants this year with having the lockdown. I am so disappointed with how they have arrived in the post. I ordered Foxgloves, Sunbells, & Verbena cost over £40 plus all the p+p. And most of them took 15 days in the post. This needs looking into please. Two of the boxes were too big & the poor plants were bashed about when they arrived to my home address. I wont be ordering again until this problem is solved.

  12. I bought a Hydrangea there were no instructions for watering and feeding. The leaves have started to curl and the plant doesn’t look too happy. Please could you help me?

  13. I have used Richard Jackson slug pellets which I have found very good for keeping slugs and snails away from summer bedding, hostas etc. I use them regularly throughout summer. However, I have noticed over that last 2 years that jackdaws are eating the pellets. I can sprinkle the pellets in one day and the next day they are gone. Any suggestions?

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