Inside QVC Podcast Episode 35: Andi Peters

Will Gowing chats to TV presenter Andi Peters about his career, broadcasting to over 12 million viewers at the age of 18 and of course ‘Andi Peters’ Food Fest’ which is a must-watch QVC show for any foodie!

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  1. I absolutely love Andi, i have watched him over the years and enjoy his stint on Q, he shoots from the hip and his honest reviews on the food and drink give me peace of mind to purchase, long may he continue to bring a smile and a laugh with Dale.

  2. Hi Will, thank you for your lovely podcasts. It’s always a pleasure to listen to them. I have always had great respect for Andi Peters. He will always be a role model for me to share with my grandsons. Will you do a brilliant job. Thank you again. Antoinette

  3. Tried to order Yankee candle so excited love the gift ideas
    Hope I can get through

    Office hours or you go to America
    And some weird message about my account 😂

  4. Night thank you 😘 ❤️ all staff for making us feel good n all your hard work I’d luv to be a presenter
    How do you apply


  5. Loved this, what an inspirational person, love his whole ethos and such a great ambassador for all things ‘life’… his honesty and undoubted passion on QVC… the Foodfests with Andi and Dale, great double act!. Really enjoyed listening to this and his willingness to risk championing the supermarket shop assistant..great story; foodie, philanthropist, great entertainer…where does it end! Hopefully, it doesn’t…all power to you Andi.

  6. i really cannot understand how Andi and Dale, nice as they are,
    can be so enthusiastic about Althams products. I ordered their 3.2kg pork hamper.
    what a disappointment, the food looked good on the TV and theres a lovely picture on the information sheet that came with it.
    however the pork chops had about 1″ of at on it, the pork gammon steakes has about the same on the outside edge and fat right through it. now I come to the bacon, what can I say? the pictures are of lovely lean back bacon, what did I get? fifty fifty bacon/fat. not one decent piece of bacon.
    I will not order Althams again.

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