Inside QVC Podcast Episode 37: Claire Sutton

Will Gowing catches up with QVC presenter Claire Sutton to chat about her early work as a dancer, her family, QVC journey and how customers have been such a support to her over the years.


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    1. Doreen Thankyou, I have my Mummy to thank for the mane!!
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment
      Take Care
      Claire x

  1. How lovely to listen to your podcast Claire. This is my first QVC podcast. A very honest podcast, full of highs and lows and millions of memories. Elaine (Somerset).

    1. Oh the memories have been tickling my mind ever since !!! I’m honoured you listened with mine first- I’ve enjoyed Wills interviews and love finding out about the people I thought I knew quite well at Qvc !!! Clearly always more to know 🙂 Thankyou Elaine for your comment xx

  2. I thought that this podcast was excellent. It is the first one that I have listened to from QVC and I definitely will listen to the rest. I wanted to listen to it as I love Claire’s blog as it is always so honest, down to earth and human. I’m afraid to say that I am immune to the countless ‘best version of me’ blogs and get quite frustrated with them as life has its highs and lows and I can relate to that in Claire’s blog. I enjoy your blog and fun on screen. Thank you.

  3. Really enjoyed that episode. Claire Sutton exudes vibrance, so lively and fun. Carry on doing this Claire for all our benefits.

    1. Oonagh ,
      Gosh I feel very touched – thank you so very much , it’s lovely to think you enjoy my musings!! The good the bad and the other bits !!
      So appreciate hearing from you
      Take care x

    2. Oh Hazel that’s a lovely thing to say – thanks so much , reading your lovely comment has made me smile 😊 xx

  4. Claire thank you for such an open and honest insight into your life, it was moving and joyful, what a breath of fresh air you are xx

    1. Thankyou so very much that’s really nice if you A to listen and B to comment – with live
      Claire x

  5. So sorry Claire that you are leaving the show as you will be missed by everyone. The relaxing way you present always makes your shows enjoyable. Think it has to do with the fact you are a beautiful person inside and out and this shines out of you xFair to say QVC will not be the same without you but you are doing what’s best for you and your wee family and I salute you for that x wish you all the best for the future and take care

  6. We will certainly miss you Claire and your lovely spirit at QVC. Take care and best of luck..🥰❤️xxx

  7. I cannot believe you have left QVC after 22 years! You are one of the most sincere and genuine presenters that I have enjoyed watching and reading about. You will be missed enormously by all the staff and viewers and I wish you and your lovely family joy, happiness and peace. Take care and keep smiling!

  8. Hi Claire Was sorry to hear you were leaving you will be missed good luck in your future adventures

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